Due Process

7157f_bIt’s easy to understand that we can’t just buy flour and yeast and wait around for a loaf of bread. There are steps in-between that must be taken – steps that cannot be skipped if we are to get the result we are hoping for. The here and now is like that, in that we may see a new possibility in the future, yet we still need to take the steps that support that future possibility. When we don’t, it usually turns out unexpectedly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamt the same thing in a dream, that I should go to instead of the meditation, because it’s short and to the point, as well.

In this dream, I’m trying to restrain a woman from moving on and ignoring the current situation. I seek from her help in the here and now, or in the current situation. Her refusal to pay any attention to the present situation is confusing to me. It’s a disorienting demeanor.

But her attention is, in other words, not the attention that I’m seeking to hold to keep in the here and now, her attention is to go from where things are at now to some futuristic place where her kids reside. In other words, she has kids. What’s going on here is irrelevant to the well being of what she sees as her kids.

Her feeling is that the future is designed, it’s what is important. In other words, her kids are the destiny. But my feeling is that none of this is going away. All of that is there – and can be experienced in due time. But what needs to happen is dealing with the here and now.

So I find myself trying to restrain her from leaving, because I know that what is needed now lays the stage for tomorrow. It’s my sense; you just can’t do that. I mean, this is so loud right now, you can’t just disregard it. And, in your dream, the disregarding of that made it almost so feathery that you couldn’t have put your fingers on it anymore.

It’s just like me going around saying what is the definition of the word “is”? Or that the English language is not something that we have any understanding anymore, we’ve gone all the way back to the grunting of an ape, when we don’t have to take into account the here and now.

So, the meaning is, which is fairly plain from what you did, but me trying just to understand this little part is that in an environment where everyone is looking to what they feel is important – in terms of who they are – I am realizing that what is going on at present is being rudely disregarded.

The present lays the framework, and the due process, for a future that is meant to be, or that can be a given. In order to truly appreciate a predestined future a person must be consciously aware to what is unfolding in the here and now. This is important to keeping a flow from going asunder. Or, to put it bluntly, just because there is a sight that is obvious, as a future, doesn’t mean that the unfoldment in the here and now is to be treated as irrelevant. The here and now lays the seed for the perceivable future.

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