Contrast State

brellaadWe could think of endless examples, but here are two: how can you appreciate money if you have never been poor? Or how can you appreciate happiness if you have never been sad? Having the contrasting image, or knowledge, of any particular state is crucial to seeing, and understanding, the state we are in. And once we have the understanding, we can continuously move in the preferred direction, as a way of defining, and refining, whatever state we seek to be in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember so much. I guess the best way to describe initially, it felt like when I came out of meditation, I did that after like two hours, and I came over and got into bed.

And then, as soon as I went to sleep, it felt like some energy that I feel like when meditation was kind of on my side, so to speak, had followed me over to the bed. And now I had to contend with it – and it was like it was against me.

When it was on the outer, it didn’t work. And I was having to kind of fight it now. I mean, it was even like a person; it was like something that had been on your side before, now wasn’t on your side because it was in the outer and contending against you, whereas on the inner it felt okay.

And I don’t remember that much about it. It was partly red. There was a man, but I remember thinking this was odd it had suddenly changed from where it felt like it was on your side to where it was out here and now it was fighting you.

John: So that was like a vision or something. You set in motion, when you meditate you set in motion a contrast world, or a type of effect that can cause you to have realizations, and recognitions, of things. That’s why you can have visions, you can have all kinds of little things that can happen, that kind of are almost reciprocal, in fashion, to somewhere, somehow, in some way in which you had been – in terms of an access within.

Because, in the outer, your attention is captured by everything that’s in the stimuli world of mind/senses. And so the empty space of something isn’t possible, in some other capacity of stillness. So when you come out of something that is actually where you’ve gone to some other depth within, you can kind of have a lingering effect of a quickening that’s possible, yet almost as if you don’t have any recollection of how all of that is, yet there still can be the malingering of something like that.

Thus the sensation when you came to bed that there was kind of some sort of strange effect. You can’t call it a deja vu to something from within. Instead, you have a reaction to having come back into the plane of senses – and are finding that to be kind of peculiar.

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