carrotEvery day there is some “shiny” object that attracts our attention. Sometimes we immediately know why, other times the attraction is more mysterious. Sometimes we resist, and sometimes we succumb to the allure. This is a constant process within us, and so it can be useful to try and detect what aspect, within us, is the attraction speaking to? Is it the child in us? Or the male or female in us? Is it the seeker of comfort, or is it the seeker of challenge and adventure? The more we understand what we are attracted by, the more we will know our own motivations. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the last dream that I remember, I feel like I’ve gone to visit a girlfriend of mine, someone I’ve known since childhood. And then there’s some people that are there, too, and one of them is Jack Nicholson.

And he starts pursuing me. But he also has this substance with him. It’s a substance that turns things kind of crazy – and it can multiply and do other things. Like I remember once I even want to kind of get away from all this, so I go into another room. It’s like a bathroom, and I’m going to take a bath, and it’s kind of an elaborate bath, but he follows me in there. So I have to leave the bathroom.

Plus, I’ve noticed that sometimes the water comes from strange places on the wall and splashes, and I’m not sure about this anyway. Well, I kind of rebuff him again, even though sometimes I follow him around a little because I find him very attractive. But I always kind of pull away.

Then I feel like this is like almost too much temptation, so I’m going to get out of there. And I’ve arranged a plane to leave the island. So it feels like before I get on the plane, for some reason this crazy substance Jack has he’s put it down on a table, and I’ve taken some cooked food in this container and I’ve chopped off some of this substance and I put it in there, I’m going to take a little bit of it with me. He’s too distracted by what he’s doing to notice what I’ve done.

But then I realize, like I have to hurry and get on the plane. His friends and my friends have distracted him a little; no one seems to have noticed what I’ve done because they’ve decided they’re going to go to Samoa, or something, they have to catch their own plane. So I figure now I kind of got it, some of the substance in this container, and I can go get on my plane – before he notices, it’ll be gone.

John: Well, this is similar to the condition or energetic you had when you came out of meditation, where it was like something was peculiar in relationship to how you saw yourself able to function. It’s as if there was something, even though you couldn’t put your finger on it, of an effect that had happened. And so when you were trying to come out and go into sleep, or meditation, or from meditation into the quasi wakening back to sleep, you had these strange sensations that you couldn’t put your finger on, that seemed to be out of the blue.

Well, in your dream, you continue with this, in that it’s like there is an effect that is upon you that is causing your attention to be diverted in some fashion. And it’s some substance you can’t quite put your finger upon, but it is having its effect upon you, and is causing your attention to be diverted from how you would ordinarily see yourself as being.

In other words, you’re acting as if there is something that is in the environment, like a Jack Nicholson, that is causing an attention to be generated – against your will – as if there is some sort of spellbinding quality that he is perpetrating. And that’s how your mind is portraying, is trying to explain to you, that’s how your mind is trying to explain to you this alteration in the energetic vibration.

And that, in the process of trying to come up with something as a cope-able, peculiarized image that portrays what it is that you are experiencing somewhere inside of yourself, the interesting thing is that you are wondering if it’s some sort of secret substance because you didn’t get a chance to denote it specifically, you know, like in a mental masculine way of pinpointing it. It’s an effect somehow, but you’re not able to aspect it in any degree. And so you are, in a subjective way, pondering it as a secret hidden substance.

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