A Certain Momentum

im21aSometimes it feels like something has already shifted, yet the change of what that is isn’t readily available to us. We could be in such a situation now, where change has become energetically inevitable, but what it will manifest as is still not clear. In moments such as these it is a good rule of thumb to hold onto, and generate into, the energetic that we hope to see in the future – because the dominant energy will become the most visible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream after noticing an unfoldment that I take as being a foregone conclusion – an unfoldment that’s a foregone conclusion – the way something is unfolding in the outer, I’m looking down the road into the future. I take a step back, and seek to know what the steps are that are involved from within my being, for this to ensue.

In other words, I have this foregone conclusion, and there are two parts to the foregone conclusion, there’s the foregone conclusion that as things are, that what’s going to evolve is going to be askew. And then there’s the foregone conclusion, that I can feel inside of myself, that what can evolve, and is meant to evolve, through a certain connection that connects to something more, that expands into something deeper, that what’s going to evolve is going to be unique and different than what one is inclined to think in terms of the ordinary dynamic just being evaluated as an ordinary dynamic.

And so I’m trying to go behind that to see how that’s coming in; what that is. It’s like asking the question in terms of what is going on, but wanting an answer that’s more than just the mere consequential result. In other words, I’m sensing that the result of this is going to be okay because there’s another dynamic that is shifted into life now.

So I’m trying to see why that is and what was different. What quickened that? And this was like asking to go insane in a freaked out, or peculiarized way, because what went on inside involved considerations and circumstances involving an intertwined outer that goes beyond my scope of outer to inner attention.

In other words, I’m trying to look from the outer to the inner, and that goes beyond my scope. And yet, on the scope, I could sense and I could put it into kind of a schematic, a vibrational schematic, but my attention was such that I had to tell myself, when I accepted that there is a key factor there being an underlying obscure determinant. And this key factor that is this obscure determinant, in terms of what can unfold, and this key component had a name to it.

It’s kind of like this: you can experience a type of absorbent energy, and in that absorbent energy, or an energy that pulls through, I experienced it more as trying to hold a certain vibration greater than the activities of vibrations that are going around in the outer – because the vibrations that are going on in the outer are vibrations that primarily direct themselves to a certain kind of actionability, a thought-upon-thought kind of actionability.

And the vibrations that are going on as a presence that holds to something on the inner, as a deeper inner, is a silence. And so it’s the silence, it’s the ability to hold on to a silence that draws attention to things, and draws something into happening as well. It’s the change agent.

The result that I am back-spinning over that unfolded in the outer arises from a vibrational revelation I am carrying as part of an inner overallness, and that’s what I’m trying to dissect. I’m trying to see: where is this coming from?

I’m sitting now, taking and noticing something in terms of the fact that in this I see it as going into a stillness, but I see it in terms of still trying to do the masculine way of dissecting how it goes into the stillness, and thereby understanding the stages of things as they unfold. Because in the in-breath and the out-breath, that aspect that goes back and forth, it’s a melting pot.

So I isolate the vibratory to be within a zone in which catalytic vibrations are astir. In other words, it’s a zone in which something has been quickened; I’ve noticed that something has been quickened, and so I’ve also noticed where that has quickened at. It’s not quickened at the top of the breath, it’s not quickened at the bottom of the breath, it’s quickened in the midstream of the breath. And so that’s a little harder to catch up with because we have an out-breath and an in-breath, and you’re in the midstream.

At least when you’re closer to where the in-breath turns to the out-breath you can get a greater sense of the stillness, or you’re occupying a recognition of the breath that is running its course in the outer, you can get a sense of a letting go, and a stillness, that way, too. But where you’re in the middle of the breath, then there is still something going on that has a certain momentum or something to it. It’s astir, in other words, it hasn’t sorted itself out.

So I do not have the details from within that zone, other than the general imprint that I am able to take into account, as in an all overallness. In other words, I hold a certain focus to a sense of a vibration that supersedes all of that. That is, even though this other is in the center and stirs something up, I’m connected to something way beyond that. And I know that.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Certain Momentum

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