Inner Presence

cleanagesWe don’t always appreciate the different levels to the things we engage in on a daily basis. And by levels, we’re speaking of energetic elevations. For example, we may clean our house because it’s dirty. We may clean our house because it’s one of the chores that needs to be done. We may clean our house because we are trying to make a nice environment for our family. Or we may clean our house because we understand that the universe is always seeking refinement, rather than devolution, and we want to emulate that in the way we live. Each of these reasons will have different energetic connections, from different elevations. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the dream, I’m like the queen, I’m kind of assaulted by some people that are trying to take over the throne. And it’s afterwards, and we’re trying to hunt those people. And sometimes it feels like I’m the queen, or sometimes I’m a male royal, and I just seem to switch sometimes between one and the other.

And I seem to be in a little village where we go sometimes. And, as people come there, they don’t know that I’m the queen, or I’m a royal, and I entertain them just in a fairly simple cottage because this is like a retreat center, or a little place in the country everybody goes to.

And so then when people come there, and I began to identify the ones that are trying to kill the royals, then I invite them back to the house feeling like I can kind of trap them because they’ll come they’re thinking they’re just coming for a meal with someone who’s pretty simple – but then I can capture them. So I just have to wait for them to show up, and not clue them in ahead of time, who I really am, while I identify which ones are the ones that were plotting against the crown. So that was the whole dream.

John: The dream has a very unusual theme that I’m sure you didn’t notice, in that the dream has you going from one position to another. And the position you’re going from is from an outer appearance to an inner presence. In other words, you’re making yourself invisible for the purposes of being able to cause an effect that is able to happen in the outer.

This is describing a stage of conscious evolution. In other words, there is a point in one’s time where the Dharma of one’s nature, in terms of what’s meant to be, and how one is to appear, and how they’re placed in terms of conducting themselves in the outer, there is a point in time when all of that is front and center.

And then there comes a point in time when that needs to step back in order for something more to unfold. And that stepping back is a type of going into the inner, or invisible-izing yourself in terms of the loudness that you would have that is noticeable, and, therefore, would be drawing issues in the reflective outer.

And so, by taking and stepping back, you’re able to look at the situation more for what is able to, and meant to, unfold. Now the thing that’s wrong in that dream is that you don’t really step back into the full stillness because what you’re doing has an ulterior motive, in that you’re looking to avenge what took place.

The higher conscious approach of even that is just be able to step back into the total stillness in such a way so that, for all intents and purposes, you appear to be insipid, you appear to be completely no longer an aspect of history. And yet, this is not also what it appears; just because it’s not reflective anymore doesn’t mean that it is c’est la vie.  Instead, it is in a quietness, or a stillness, that is within a space that has the ability to effectuate, and to penetrate, and to go into and to contend with all that there is that is going on – and to do it without fanfare. I mean, that’s the higher octave, even though what you’re doing is a step that still has kind of a quiet, ulterior motive.

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