Taming the Energy

b37Learning to drive a car, or learning to ride a horse are ways in which we train ourselves to harness a great energy for our use. And it can be useful to understand that every energy that we come in contact with we must process – we have no choice in the matter, it’s the way our systems work. Yet do we consciously realize that we can also learn to harness the higher, unseen, energies we have access to, incorporating them into our system? When we do so, we can gain healing and intelligence on a cellular level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the masculine approaches it differently, but it’s really nice to have it presented in kind of just a this is the way it is kind of scenario. So when you add the masculine element to this, in terms of something that’s just the way it is, plop, in manifestation, you end up having to delve into bits and pieces of all the traits, of the qualities, of something that is able to emerge, or be there, at a deeper inner depth that is always going closer and closer to a type of stillness – and a responsibility in that – that isn’t so black-and-white outer in its orientation.

So the way this comes across is, first, in the meditation dream, I am racing inside myself in an impatient, energetic way. The result of this anxiousness was the idea that a solution is needed -and it’s needed right away. And this solution is something that can be projected upon a situation. Such raciness inside causes my being to become kind of hot and uneasy. Because I am seeking to get to the bottom of a pressing issue, what happens is I’m able to ignore and/or block out kind of the outside effect, so that I can take a step back and see how the environmental elements are just kind of having their way, in terms of affecting me.

So I’m able to block out the effect of such stimuli, as if the stimuli is in the way of an overall tranquility. Like I say, I’m adding the masculine element of trying to figure out what is there that is causing this to continue. It’s like when you hold a particular vibe, and you can’t get out of that vibe, everything supports, and comes around, and touches the vibe in the way the vibe is.

Because I wasn’t letting go of the raciness, I felt that I was, to some subtle degree, wounded, and therefore going around and around energetically – which means that I can’t shake as a consequence. I can’t shake to the sensation of an overall solution to an inner need. I kept spinning around options composing that which would satisfy what I sought.

Because most of the time was spent scoping about for an answer that could embrace an energetic resolution, but, the thing is, that isn’t possible because there’s a spaciality I can live with that is something that is on the inner is the resolution to the imbalance.

What I’m trying to say here is I, being the masculine, have to be kind of a protector to sort something like that through and out. I’m dealing with trying to get to the bottom of that vibration in the atmosphere. Well, I took and I struggled with it, and I struggled with it, and I realized that the issue that needed to be dealt with – in terms of the vibe that was in the atmosphere – had to do with dealing with what was too loud about it, because there was a loudness, or overtness, or some quality and it was speeded up in a way that it made it impossible for it to catch up with a stillness, or a sight, that it could reach.

And what this caused me to recognize and realize is that, in this environment, and this environment exists as a vibration right now, where we’re at, in that vibration there is an essence of, if you were to try to distill to the key point of it, the key point of it is this Kundalini energy. It’s raw Kundalini energy. And it, of course, has its slant as a type of blunt sexuality. And the flip side of that, because Kundalini energy per se is described as something that is one-third in the outer, and two-thirds on the inner. And so when you take this sort of thing that is really loud in an environment that you’re in, the question that comes up is: how do you come to grasp the flip side? Because that’s what you have is you do have a flip side.

There is a deeper innerness to counterbalance this to that which is really loudly going on in the outer. So how do you catch up with what that flip side is? What’s interesting is all of the nuances in between that are all aspects of letting go in terms of getting to a point of stillness.

And so, to begin with, if you’re a sincere person, you take and are trying to sort something out. You are trying to go through the various combinations of things. And, as you go through those various combinations, you come to see or recognize moments of inflected insight, which is like a type of stillness. But then the loudness of the activities of what you’re doing kind of capture you in a type of confusion. So what you have to do is you have to figure out how to work with the Kundalini energy that is a type of force and momentum even, and how to bring that into a quietness and a stillness. In other words, how to see the flip side.

To be able to live something like this in a really loud way in the outer can have heavy, heavy veils to it, but, in a roundabout way, when something is really, really loud in the outer it also has something profound because it’s almost like you’re very, very close to the flip side of how it can be seen in what you’re really seeking, which is a type of completeness, or stillness. And so you took this general overall vibe and just sat in it, and I took and went at it recognizing that it had to do with the loudness, and a  raciness – and how can one make that quieter?

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