The Offshoot

120tairsIt is fundamental to our lives, and to our growth, that we stay open and keep evolving all of our days. The universe follows the rule of grow or die; when something no longer is evolving, changing, or adapting to its world, it begins a decline toward its end. In everyday life we may complete many things and move on, but we ourselves should always feel unfinished, interested in new possibilities, and seek ways to learn and grow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I have this dream, which is a little bit like you in your dream. In this dream, what is going on is like an R&D project, in other words, kind of a type of researching to figure something out, only in the dream the experiment is in trying to put together a menu that everyone likes.

In the dream, my role is that of kind of an advisor. In other words, I don’t do this, I’m just kind of like a type of advisor, in that I am concerned about the way the food is being prepared, but I’m not the one that’s preparing it.

So the final item, in other words the final food item, in other words the day is coming to a close of which there are many more days, and I know that there’s many more days, but the final item for the day, before it is ended, in which it will have to be continued in terms of the unfoldment process, involves a sandwich that is like a French dip, except that it’s more like a rib inside the bun – that has the bone in it. So I wake up saying, no au jus for the sandwich? I mean, because it’s a French dip kind of sandwich.

What has happened is this is a process which has unfolded up to a point where what was put together is out there. It’s out there, it’s all laying out there, but from an offshoot of the menu. Because I am kind of like the advisor, or the sampler, they hand me this thing to eat; but over off to the right, they have this other going on.

This is a reflection, but not the actual of what’s going on over on the far right. This is like a communication gap, but it’s a reflection of the reflection. That’s what I mean it’s an offshoot of the menu; an offshoot of the menu that they’re working with, is this sandwich for my review. The decision has already been made. In other words, they’ve got this over here, but, now of course, they’re offering this other as if they’ll get some sort of feedback, confirmation, opinion. But that decision has been made.

And so what is presented to me is, well, what would you call it? A type of offshoot or appetizer, or whatever, to see if I buy it. I’m not given all the information, in other words. I’m not given the full deal. And I could tell what they’re doing over there they’re hunkered down on that. And I’m still not satisfied. I’m still working on it. That’s good enough for today, maybe, but that’s just the beginning.

So my feeling in the dream is, it is a start, with more to go in what is presented as an outer project, to know, or realize. What they are assuming, I can’t accept. So, what is this? Why this interest? Why this interest to get to this in any in-depth way? What I am describing is the trait of getting to the bottom of what is going on in a scenario.

Why am I doing this? I seem to be a systems person needing to see an end result that is satisfying. The challenge expressed in this dream involves an inclusiveness that is relevant. For that to be, there is a sense of completeness that is needed – and I do not settle for abstractions of a process that is incomplete, even though there’s the sense that it is complete. No, it’s incomplete. To do so, is to accept a reflection of a reflection – meaning the main food, deemed okay, isn’t, when that which is reflected requires more work. I can tell from what is reflected that it requires more work, even though I barely have a sense of what the main food’s about.

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