Invisible Barrier

brain-mazeImagine how much we’d learn about ourselves if we could just, for a few minutes, see ourselves from a distance, as others see us. We might notice that we tend to tilt our head to one side, or that we fidget with our clothes too much. It would give us a new level of consciousness about ourselves – which is exactly what we seek in our development journey, though not about our specific mannerisms, but about the true nature of who we are – seen without bias or criticism. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I feel like I’m struggling with these repetitious dreams. In this one, it’s like I’m in a house, okay, but it’s almost like I’m in the invisible side of the house, watching myself, or sometimes it might be a man that I feel is a family member, and another person on the other side of this invisible wall. So it’s almost like I’m in another dimension, but I’m also in that dimension.

And sometimes what I’ll do is reach through the invisible barrier and tweak something. I might tweak it by reaching into their brain and tweaking something, or I cause them to change something.

Then we’ll see that maybe we changed the wrong thing, because maybe that causes it to rain inside. So that wasn’t the right thing to change. So I’ll take a step back, and then we’ll watch and it feels like we try to tweak something else – and maybe we’ll discuss it sometimes. But we just can’t seem to find what the right thing is that I’m trying to tweak.

John: That’s an extremely subjective dream, in that, instead of trying to come into life and be grounded, you’re in life trying to make something more out of it.

The masculine’s always trying to understand what is going on – in terms of how an unfoldment process works. It’s almost as if the masculine is sitting in a different spaciality. And, in this dream though, you’re seeing yourself, the feminine nature, as having to recognize that you have a sense that is able to contend with what is going on. And you’re able to do this on the basis of having an in-the-bones, or however we want to say it, sense of something deeper, or more. And you’re able to reach through, and touch life, from that inner within.

And so you are finding yourself compelled to try to do this as an aspect of being in the outer, and you’re finding, and sensing, the importance of meditation, dreaming, and such, because this is causing you to be on a mission, within, which is kind of a way the masculine part of yourself opens up, to understand why it is, and how it is, and to where this is coming from, as you see yourself and want to know why that is, reaching through some veil, to effect a situation.

It’s coming from somewhere. You’re doing it. It’s like wanting to break the spell to that; to understand what that is about. It’s kind of opposite the notionality of the masculine that there is something it just needs to catch up with to have a general understanding, and insight, to what is going on with every little thing that is going on.

With you, it’s like a question being asked yet, as to what is it that’s causing the unfoldment to revelate, or be, in a particular way. What is there that’s causing that, almost as if there is something, from somewhere deep somewhere, that is effectuating the situation?

So the situation of your dream is a little bit like breaking out of the trance of a kind of amnesia, and trying to cycle around to get to the depth of that so that you can denote something more – as opposed to seeing yourself just trying to reach from the beyond of the beyond for no known reason, apparent rationally.

The meditation dream does not allow you to remain static; that situation will have to come clear to you in some way that it isn’t at this point in time. That’s the importance of the dreaming; I don’t know how you do that sort of thing in the outer. Because, in the outer, you just take things carte blanche, and, in your dream, you’re not able to take things carte blanche, you need to know what is going on.

You realize that everything is a bewilderment. And you have to figure out how to be close to a situation, because the ability to reach through something, to touch something, to affect something is actually a quality of getting close to a situation. And a rear-guard defense mechanism to that is to pretend, or act, as if what you’re doing has something wrong with it. And it doesn’t, because you are, as an essence, intertwined with everything that exists.

I don’t know how you sort that sort of thing out in the outer, but in the inner you sort that out, and when you sort that out, you find a presence that’s then able to move about that wouldn’t be able to do so, otherwise. You find that presence as a type of energetic – and that permeates.

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