A Shift Away

ThecessIf we look at history we can see that there have always been battles between different viewpoints, and there are books filled with the exploits of the stronger side, the side that won out. Yet we also see that very little has really been resolved over the years, the control has just changed hands. There is only one way to resolve the clash of two perspectives, and that is through the finding of a third perspective, an elevated perspective. For example, one person may want a new car, while the other wants a vacation – but their higher perspective is that they are saving for a house, which is agreed to take precedence. This is why it is so important for a person, or a species, to understand their higher purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation, I come across new information for being able to try to explain something that is going on. In my particular case, I’m coming down into something, and I’m trying to understand how it is that I’m supposed to experience, and indulge, because I see all these kinds of actions and stuff that are going on – and know that there is something more than that.

So, in the meditation dream, I’m experiencing an inner pressure within that is designed to cause a breakdown. So I am positioned to avert this sort of thing that perpetuates, because a breakdown causes you to not get through.

So, in the meditation dream, I am overwhelmed. I know that for this to happen there is a concerted attempt to tear down my positioning. What I mean by that is that under ordinary circumstances, this is something that you don’t notice – when you just kind of go along with things. So, in other words, something is going on inside that is tearing away at the fabric of my condition.

So I am positioned in a positive way, within. It’s a way that doesn’t quite accept the appearance of things because it knows there’s something more. And knowing something more, that’s a positive mannerism, even though everything is kind of constantly acting against that, which means it has a negative charge.

So what I am dealing with is situated in a negative alignment. When something is in a negative alignment, there is no telling to what degree forces go – in terms of committing to a maintaining of a projection. Because everything’s a projection. So it’s almost as if, if you get the attention of projections, or you contend and fight other thoughts, you find yourself doing battle with those thoughts, or those projections. And who knows how far they will go, in terms of trying to sustain themselves.

So, in the dream, the day ends, where whatever I do is countered by the overwhelming force. Anything that’s visible, or anything I do, it’s always countered. So if the projective flow is adamant to overwhelm, I have to agree, from what I’m seeing, they’re well positioned because that’s the nature of the outer. Everything is thought-upon-thought; they’re well positioned. And that approach will win out.

So my consolation prize is, in getting close to looking at this, and then somehow or another being able to recognize that all of this is constantly dribbling out, by getting close to it, my consolation prize, even though I’m overwhelmed by it, I did accomplish something, I averted an assassination. I did so by going against the energetics, as if this slowed them down. I find myself in an awkward position, as if I was fighting a rear-guard action.

So what do I mean by a rear-guard action? It’s like I’m not necessarily in the stillness, and yet I’m recognizing the stillness, so I don’t do this with thought-upon-thought against this because they’re too well positioned. They have all of the means at their disposal. I don’t have all the information, outwardly that is.

What I am doing, or seeking to do, in terms of an alternative stillness to all of that, is to absorb the projective, which will enable me to have an understanding of what is meant to be in the future. In other words, that these thoughts-upon-thoughts come from somewhere, and they’re meant to go somewhere, and they’re meant to be. This is just not something that is haywire, it’s an ignorance with something behind it that is a brilliant. No mistakes are made.

I know it isn’t the projections that control in the future. What I don’t know is the extreme to which projections are willing to go in terms of their sideline mannerism to avert a shift, from within, from unfolding. So this is a presumptiveness, on my part, that there’s a shift that’s unfolding, with something anew. That’s kind of where we never quite truly give up. We always kind of carry this because we hear the stillness. That stillness is, if nothing else, a shift away from the loudness.

So to catch up with that answer, I have to expand my inner parameters. And, when I do, I open up myself to what you could say is more awareness, but is actually more open. I’m more open, instead of more linear, so you’re inclined to take in more. And the ability to take in more is only possible if you have a certain degree of accepted stillness, because otherwise, you’re still hunkering down and holding on to your nuance, of some sort, in the breath – meaning, whatever is concerted, as a projection, I am able to see where there is a counterbalance. This is the start of new information, where everything that’s a projection has a counterbalance.

So the way that that is found on the breath is you have the coming-down energy of a thought, or a quality, that’s coming into life. That aspect has, on the other side of itself, the flip side of the coin, the in-breath trait, that is going towards a stillness, in which there is a subtleness. You have the one that is contracting, coming down, and the other that is expanding, going back. And they actually are mirror images of each other as they pass, or as they are on the flip side of each other.

And so that is called a counterbalance. If you catch up with the counterbalance, you kind of get an inflection. It’s almost like this is the way of being able to be in both places: as the stillness, and yet something in the outer, because you can accept the counterbalance. Normally you can’t. Normally, when you’re in some aspect of the breath, the other is pushed off and veiled.

So the counterbalance is how a need of being is being affected upon another, by, and within, and in terms of, another intertwined level.

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