Everything is Released

4edgesWe may never be a blank slate, but letting go of everything isn’t what we think it is. It would appear that we have to strip ourselves, internally, of all mannerisms and mechanisms that bias us in one form or another – and that’s not possible. But, there is another way: through our higher connections. It works this way: the higher pushes out the lower (they can’t co-exist). So, when we are with our higher connections, they can neutralize our lower aspects, only allowing and supporting our better selves. We don’t need to fix ourselves, we need to develop higher connections that will do that for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, my thing last night was more of a vision of looking at everything.

So, in the meditation dream, I find myself pondering a condition that lets go of having to hold on to anything. And so I find myself kind of releasing, and there’s a sense of freedom in being able to release my ideas of what’s meaningful; there’s an openness to releasing my ideas of what’s meaningful.

To let go of everything means to let go of whatever little nuances, that you carry, that are touching you. And there’s always something that’s affecting you, and touching you. And you may not realize it, but it’s always subtle. And if you do, somehow or another, get so that you drop whatever it is that you see as an expectation, or unfoldment, or something, or process or whatever, an image in which everything is released occurs – but the vibration occurs first. And then the vibration projections all fall away. And seeing this, then, also goes away, as manifestation then just blows up into a million bubbles.

I hadn’t expected it to be that way. The crack up was like a million bubbles. But in manifestation, it goes like that, too. In other words, if it doesn’t have that breath and whatnot going back and forth, holding on to it, and maintaining it, into some sort of mannerism. It’s like it goes into a million bubbles and then it evaporates; floats away or just evaporates.

And, as you look around, like for me what ended up is, all of a sudden, what was formed really quickly were energy lines. In other words, the energy line goes up, and then it goes across, almost as it spreads out a spaciousness. And then it comes down at an angle, like at a 45-degree angle, or something. And as soon as it comes down at a 45-degree angle – and it’s doing this really rapidly. I mean it goes boom, boom, boom, comes down at a 45-degree angle and that’s when I come out of this to report, like a vision.

When it does that is when it’s back into something that can be reported, then. And what’s reported is just the energy line. And I’m not sitting with any recognition of a manifestation,

or anything like that, just an energy line. Just energy lines.

That occurs after everything has blown up. And the visualization of what these bubbles look like is, to begin with, manifestation was something that had a thought aliveness to it. And so when you take that out, then the result is like the bubbles. It’s almost like molecular, just all of a sudden there, but without the nucleus or anything that holds it into a composite, in some fashion.

And, in looking at it, I knew that at one point in time that it had that, but now it doesn’t have that. And so it’s a million pieces, just floats away. Now, I don’t see how it goes anywhere, when it’s like that. And then when it eviscerates, it’s like, I was trying to imagine whether that floated up, and then floated back down, or what, but what happened was, that was just a brief image, and then everything went into that energy line. And out I came.

What was interesting is, if I sit back, I can see the little flickers of like kind of an aspect of a focus, in which there’s little white spots and whatnot. But what I was seeing there had a kind of a light coloration to them, almost a type of reddish orange. They weren’t just little white dots, and there was just movement to all of that. And they rolled in, they didn’t just sit there, they moved left and right and they rolled into each other, too. It was just a tumult, tumult vibration.

So anyway, this is kind of like a condition. Going through this makes it difficult to put much stock, or pay much attention, and actually feels like, in relationship to this, there’s actually a sense of me in which that other feels like it’s a lesser vibration. I notice when I’m taking and I’m listening to, I just note something more. And I have to reach down to point out whatever it is, that’s different from what he says, or otherwise, what he says just kind of hangs there.

In other words, I don’t sort that out, yet, very well. And it’s like his presence can, especially if you’re near him, his presence can induce you into a type of what I’d call almost trance with all of that. I guess that’s what holds the strength of tariqas together is those various trances, which have developed to where they hold on to something. And yet, it’s gotta get outside of the breath, in terms of the breath, per se, in order to catch up with the stillness.

What was so interesting was what happened at the very beginning, that set all of this up, where all of a sudden was this idea having to be totally removed from whatever it was; just no longer wanting to understand, or take into account anything, other than what was it behind everything  that was totally removed, or let go, and then that’s what sets this off.

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