A Deeper Experience

3edesYes, we are always processing energy. And, even at night, we process energy. And that cleaning, clearing, storing, and sorting effort is part of our dream process. It’s the same as keeping nutrients for the body when we eat food, and expelling what has no future use. Energy is also a food for us, and we want to keep our systems as clear as possible for what comes tomorrow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I notice that when there is a reflective imbalance, the mirror affects that imbalance – not the opposite condition of a letting go, or a stillness. 

An imbalance is always based upon some sort of way that you took something in, in a kind of identification or reactive way. And it’s in the counterbalance, where there is no reaction, is where the stillness is at. In other words, we’re talking about a stillness that is maintainable, not a stillness that you go into that is a type of suspense – where there is still something that has to come to the fore. 

So, to understand my meditation dream, I’m trying to figure out how to explain this in the outer, because in the outer there is always something going on. And I’m finding that I’m not sure how to do this, because whenever anything is going on, to say that, affects the peace and quiet instead of a mirrored essence that is able to emanate, because, deep down, there is no understanding in manifestation that isn’t oriented to the senses. 

So, in my sleep dream, I’m looking at an energetic nature being able to become awoken to a part of itself in a new way, meaning a part of itself that isn’t in its usual pattern. In other words familiarity, or zone, in which it has a comfort zone in terms of how it’s able to come across. 

So I notice that there was an inability to let go to a deeper inner experience within when there was an energetic that affects one’s attention in the outer. And your attention can be affected just by the nature of what’s going on in the outer, whatever it might be. You could have a particular thing that sets it off by what you read in the paper, you can have something that sets it off just in a particular atmosphere, whatever it is that you find yourself contending with in the atmosphere, whatever it is, leads to an inability to let go to the deeper inner experience within.

And, when you let go to the deeper experience within, as was the theme of the dreaming last night, you can let go to a place where there’s nothing going on. And so if there’s something going on, you can dream, but if you can do it so that there’s nothing that you buy into that is going on, then you don’t have to dream. 

So, in my dream, I observe various scenes in which whatever was expected to be in a scenario was removed, such that, and so that, a deeper inner awareness was made possible. Often this looked a bit insipid and lifeless, but from a letting go comes an inner awareness rising up – as if from the ashes. 

For this to happen, however, the letting go of projections – projections affect the way you see yourself and the way others see you – you have to let go of that, and it seems that from an emptiness resulting from being able to let go of a profile, is when a person is able, is when I’m able to be more real in an inner way. You have freedom, in other words. Any kind of having to be something, or to come across in a particular way or something, anything like that affects the depth of how you’re able to be in an inner capacity way. 

And so, again, the theme of the dreaming was to not have a profile or projection, per se, in which an identification predominates over a deeper realness within. This is a difficult theme because in my dreams, in the past, there is always something going on that I can report, or that I can denote, that one is obviously able to put their finger on, or play with, relate to, or be agitated in or by – in order for there to be action. 

So it’s important to be able to recognize how it’s possible to maintain a space in which there is this inner potentiality able to be there as it’s meant to be. And so if a person is watching and listening to themselves, they don’t have to whip themselves into having to sustain or maintain a particular demeanor. We have all of this going on in the outer, upon us, to the degree to which we buy into it in some fashion. And we’re meant to be able to be aloof from it all.

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