Strange Amnesia

Twirling-DervishOur psychologies and defense mechanisms have been put in place, by us, as protective measures. Yet when they become too automatic in us, when we are no longer conscious of when they are being activated, they can also become preventative to other, new possibilities. Said another way, sometimes the speed at which we respond, internally, is like a spinning that keeps the subtle from gaining entry. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then in the next little dream I’ve traveled on down the road, again, to another little town; it looks fairly old. And I’ve gone inside this building. 

And, initially, I’m with a man that’s a man I want to be with, that reminds me of you, but he walks away for a little while, and another man comes up to me and asks me to dance – who’s a marvelous dancer. 

And so when we start dancing, and just swirling around, I’m very taken up with it. At one point he sees you come in the building, and he pauses, as though: do I want to stop dancing? And I say, no, so I continue dancing. So I think you leave the building, because I wanted to dance a little longer. I like the twirling. 

And then it feels like it’s time. This is actually kind of like two dreams. And then it feels like it’s time to move on. And I’ve gone out and I’ve gotten in a car, and I’m driving down the road, but I realize that even though I’m with a man that feels like you, or I can be with him part of the time, I can’t be with him all the time because, as I drive the car and I look ahead, I have a son who even though now maybe he’s a teenager, and kind of sprawled across the dashboard of the car, he’s somewhat mentally deficient so he can’t really be on his own.

And because he can’t really be on his own, I have to keep a certain attention there and can’t be fully with the other man, that I identify more with you.

John: So, in this particular dream, you gave yourself the new information that deals very directly with a quality of what it is that continues to keep what is repressed in your nature repressed, or harbored. 

And it’s very, very interesting because, to begin with, you just painted a huge horizon, like the whole arena or table of things, meaning the city, the trailer, the lack of food, the French Canada, all disassociated and displaced. And now what you’re doing is you’re describing what the quality of how it is that you need to be able to feel yourself, what that quality is that facilitates you to pull in these bits, and pieces, and parts of yourself together. 

And what you’re describing is actually a type of stillness, because what you’re portraying is that you go into a delirium, a kind of amnesia, when you get caught in a certain kind of speeded-up way, that parallels. In other words, when all of a sudden you have a tendency to want to speak out over something, to react, to do something – now this is the trait outside of the dream, that is portrayed in the dream – that when you find yourself needing to lurch, or to speak out, or to race out, to bite in terms of something that is happening as an energetic in the outer, and to drown out something in the outer because this thing rises up inside of yourself. 

You keep yourself from catching up with a quietness, and a stillness, that can lead to the timing that is necessary, to a greater depth awareness of the parts of yourself that you can come closer to, you keep that from happening by taking and just projecting through. 

Now I have to look at this to the degree to which I interrupt people, and stuff like that, is the degree to which maybe I limit a deeper depth pulling into a timing balance of what can be seen inside of myself. I have to look at that, too, because I also carry that trait. 

And so this dream is pointing out that when you do that you put yourself into a type of strange amnesia. When you’re like that, you are exuding a repetitive pattern then that gets in the way of a deeper hearing, and a deeper knowing, and a deeper seeing that is inside of yourself. 

It’s almost as if you take the things that are happening in the outer, as little inflective triggers, and as soon as there’s a little inflective trigger, you bite on that. And what your dream is saying is this puts you into a trance amnesia that you don’t need to be in. If you held that, it would keep on inflecting deeper, and deeper, inside and you would have this wonderful stillness insight that could then coincide with the timing of the flow. It’s a very, very interesting trait.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Strange Amnesia

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