An Illusionary Way

Spiritual-AwkenigIn the shift from our personal view of life to a more universal connection, we can often sense, or feel, that what prevents us from a deeper letting go is a type of holding on: to our ego, to our idiosyncrasies, to our psychologies. Even as they prevent us, or hold us back, we find safety in them, grasping harder sometimes when we are closest to a new freedom. At a certain point, we must realize that even after we let these acquired aspects drop, we will still be there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I’m looking at an energetic nature that needs to awaken to a feature of itself, but is in an illusionary way. I’m looking at my inability to let go to a deeper inner experience, within, that exists in a kind of hiddenness because I’m attached to an energetic affliction, that, in the outer, is my manifestation. There is manifestation that is the collective of all of that, and my place in manifestation is my particular affliction. 

In other words, behind that is something more, but I am carrying on in a certain illusory way that I see myself. So in my dream, I observe various scenes in which whatever is expected of me is in an outer scenario, which, when unremoved, get in the way of deeper inner awareness that is possible. 

Often this inner awareness, a supposed aliveness that, in the outer, is actually something that’s insipid and lifeless, even though I may act like it’s not insipid and lifeless, it’s because I’m not getting behind the preconditioning that exists and properly letting go; I’m not letting go. 

So this acts out on the plane of collective projections, called manifestation; see, we each carry who we are like that. So for this acting out to unfold from its trance means that I have to somehow let go of the projections – and that letting go isn’t possible yet.

So the way I saw myself, and the way others see me, is whatever my spellbinding schematic that is how I am, they see that as the way I’m lost. We’re now just zooming in on how it is that I have something that is veiled. Only from an emptiness resulting from being able to let go of a profile, am I able to be still and non-tranced out.

The theme of the dreaming was to not have a profile, or projection, per se, which is an identification that dictates over one’s ability to hold on to a stillness. In this theme my dreams involve being unable to let go of what exists as a bifurcation, or whatever you want to call it, in a created collective outer illusion. And, of course, the sum total of all of that is what makes manifestation, and there I am caught in that in an outer capacity. 

So, in the meditation dream, I am shown that I’m living this out in the illusion that is called manifestation. And to take away the dream is to take away the fabric of the breath that sustains the illusory state, and has various identifications upon a breath of images. In other words, whenever you have something in the breath where you pause, there are images pent up in that, that call for a reflective projection into manifestation, because the breath itself is the sum total of manifestation. And then you’re some aspect of that that bicycles around.

So to do away with having to contend with such dreams is to do away with manifestation. To say I don’t want to obliterate manifestation, per se, is to say that I am… In other words, if I want to maintain manifestation, if I like the way I am, it’s the same thing as saying that I am addicted to the illusory spell and identification that is a mind and its imagination. 

Or, if you want to say this another way, the outer collective of all of the thoughts, whims, wishes and projections of mankind have come together to create a way of co-creating, and living something out, in what is called manifestation. So that was my meditation aspects.

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