Inner Predicament

7ddMoving house can be difficult: it stirs up memories, it severs ties, it upsets the magnetic stability we build in our lives through our repetitions. Of course, it can be a great thing for a person, for all those same reasons – making new openings for possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise arise. In this dream, the image of moving is used to show the stressful side, and the disorientation that can be caused, when the new tries to awaken within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in my dream, I find myself helping a woman move from a place she gives a special name to, that she calls such and such. In other words, just like she’s named where she’s living, like Golden Pond, or whatever, like a type of name, only then it’s like comma, Wyoming.

The oddity of this is the property is not in Wyoming, it’s in Montana. So she has this amnesia displacement. I ask her why she refers to it with this name, Wyoming. She can’t talk about her displacement condition without going into a crackup, or a trance, where she gets estranged in her being and starts to come unglued, and gets weak, and starts collapsing, or her eyes start spinning in her head; she goes berserk. She starts going berserk if she tries to get too close to explaining why it is that she’s carrying on this illusory projection. 

When she’s like that I notice everything about her is split. So, in this scenario, I am just part of a bunch of other volunteers that agreed to come and gather up her belongings, load them onto what looks like a bus, as she’s meant to leave this area, or this place. 

At one point, I come with some items – I’ve had the encounter, but now I’m more back on my own – and so I’m coming to the bus with some item that I’m carrying. And, at first, I only find one person on the bus. And then finally another person on the bus appears, but there had been a whole bunch of volunteers – where did everybody go?

And those two on the bus are stacking the belongings, as they’re delivered, in the seats and the rows of the bus. And so I say: Where is everyone else? And I am told they’re all out staking out her other properties, as if there is something coming to help clear up what they are. They have to wait there in order for something to come together, so there’s some confusion in terms of what they are worth, or just what they are, even. In other words, these are properties she owns, but help is need to identify them for a retrieval and sale – or letting go of.

So, the meaning is, this dream is about an unconscious repressed condition that I am carrying, that is in the way of accessing who I am. This condition is tearing me down in that it is consuming my attention. I am unable to find myself from the maze I find myself lost in. If I get too close to this too quickly, I start to crack up. The reason is because there is a repressed woundology therein that is more than what I’m capable of handling in my nature. I’m not strong enough to handle that, so I’ve repressed it. Yet I need to reach that, what I’ve repressed, and bring it into a consciousness, a greater wholeness. 

And so what we’re talking about is an imbalance that’s in the in-breath. To bring together this part of myself to a greater wholeness of being, I need to find a timing clarity that coincides with the spatial disorientation. 

What I’m talking about is a condition which, as I currently exist, I’m estranged from so much more of who I am, and thus unconscious to this greater aspect of self because I have not caught up with what there is about my greater overallness, which is the same thing as my true whereabouts as a beingness that is not limited by time and space. But I’m still trying to put things into a time space and orientation – and thus I’m holding on to my amnesia. 

When this condition exists, there is a gradual decline of the well being, and physical health, as well, which corresponds, reflectively, in the outer, to the inner predicament. In other words, you can see that, you can sense that, you can feel something about yourself.

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