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Urbano_QuintoOur dreams often use images from real life to make certain points – from self to self –  between our unconscious and our conscious aspects. In this dream we see the dreamer trying to get a look at, and listen to, the Pope, who is inside, and represents the higher self of the dreamer. The dreamer is close by, yet still outside, even though he has a special vantage point to see the goings on. On our journey, many of the things we do to develop are meant to bring us closer, from an outside position to a place inside the sacred space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I’m directed to go over to a place where I am able to be in the presence of a person who, in the dream, is like the Pope. In other words, a very important, renowned, person that people come wide and far to see. 

I think I’ve allotted plenty of time so that when I get there there will be room to go inside, but I gauged wrong, because, when I arrive, I can see in the distance the building that the Pope is to come upon a podium and speak – it’s full. 

And I can tell it’s full before I even arrive because there’s three windows on this one side, and the two main windows that I stare at are just crowded with people trying to look in. So I walk up to each of those two windows, and there are heads moving this way and that way, I’ll be darned if I could even catch half a glimpse from time to time; it’s going to be extremely distracting. And doubtful, because they’re there first, that I’m even going to be able to hear through the window when the Pope starts talking.

So finally I go to the third window: it is only partially open. And there’s only one other person there. And this window is directly in a straight line across from the stage, towards the front. The lighting is good looking through this window. You’re close, you can see well, and you could hear well. But the window entryway there is only partially open for security reasons, because, if it was fully open, it would be a direct intrusion upon the space. 

Other people don’t come to this window because, if they were to commit to this window and the window got closed, because it’s subject to the determination, that, for security reasons, that this window could easily be closed at any time, and then you’d be permanently shut out. So there’s just me and this other guy. 

And, all I can conclude, it’s perhaps for this reason of concern that it either works, or it doesn’t work; there’s no in between. And no one else gives it a shot. Ideally, when it’s working, it couldn’t be better. I’m surprised that there’s no one else. 

So as I talk to the other person who is there, he tells me of a special feature of this location: he points out a spot, a design pattern, and indicates that the patent office issued a design patent to this spot.

I wake up feeling a lot of relief and satisfaction that what looked dire as I approached couldn’t have worked out better. And the meaning is, I’m describing where I seem to be in the unfoldment process of the inner essence. Although I often carry a mood and sensation that is remiss – and deemed out of the field of perception – that is not necessarily the actual situation. 

Deep down, I am as close as it is possible to be from an outer position looking in. This is a more favorable outer view, in that I am able to see, and hear, clearly and consistently. There’s no interruptions to the sight and sound. 

And it’s a place specially designed for me; it comes with a patent. I do not have to contend with the confusion of others, no one is going to come charging over they’re like they’re missing out. And so the sensation of this position is that I am at a point in alignment that could be, in terms of most people’s perceptions, something that’s easy to get shut out. But, in this instance, when you get close there can also be a type of fear, but there isn’t the fear that I carry, which keeps others from being here. 

So without these self-limiting perceptions, I am able to reach a greater outer-to-inner appreciation. It is in a direct alignment with the stillness that presides over the atmosphere up here. It’s an alignment, because the Pope represents a type of stillness. I’m in an alignment that can then take it in – right in sync. 

It’s not something that’s probing out, necessarily, in that field, in that zone. So I’m appreciative, grateful, and touched to be so near and dear. As I was approaching this place, I had reached the conclusion that I was going to be shut out from the inner depths. I had no idea that there was such a reachable potential. So that’s the first dream.

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