A Closer Closeness

comet5If we think about most of our relationships, even our most intimate ones, we only take the intimacy to a certain point. In a love relationship, new depths are often only discovered during crises or problem resolution – otherwise we are generally content to know enough to make us feel comfortable and leave it at that. We can treat our religious or spiritual journey the same way, but as it is a journey, it really doesn’t end until our incarnation here ends. In this sense, there is always greater connection to be made between us and the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, in the next dream, there’s a question within, which is like a review of where I’m at, with the question being: how do you get there? 

The image I see is a dead bird being kicked from out of a particular spot. And when I kick the bird, it’s like I knock it into a whole bunch of feathers. And then I kick it again. And these feathers get knocked into dust. 

And the meaning is, it’s an image of “dying before you die” being a type of letting go, from substance to essence. That’s my answer to this kind of question inside: how do you get there? 

And so, in the next dream, it starts out with me being up on an edge; neither in nor out. What ensues while on that edge is, at first, I can only go so far. When I’m on the edge I can only go so far.

As time passes, it’s almost as if I forget about the fact that I’m on the edge. And I start to develop a closer closeness in which I see the image of going off to a table with two other people, and from there being able to probe the depths of an issue. 

And so what’s interesting is not only that, but, when on the edge it’s like I started something. I completely forgot that I had started something. When I have come off the edge, and have developed a closer closeness where I could go and sit at the table of these two, what I started long ago kind of comes up. Completely forgotten, but it comes back.

And although nearly lost, and dropped, and forgotten, it’s as if it comes around to where I’m at, so I’m able to give it a further boost, enabling it to reach an intended destination. 

So, the meaning is, this is a dream where I am picking up an embedded thread from long ago. I’m catching up with this from where I left off long ago, and boosting it home, or boosting it further. Because it looks like whatever I do, then, causes it to reach its final destination. 

Long ago, the soul was only able, or maybe to make a report about it, you could say that long ago the soul quality of one’s nature was only able to note an inner inflection, like kind of on an edge, neither in nor out, but lacked the closeness as an intertwined connectiveness to propel it the way it needed to be propelled – or to open it up the way it needed to be opened up. I’m now picking up the thread of what was started long ago, and bringing it to fruition.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Closer Closeness

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