oceanThe world we appear to live in has been called an illusion, or a reflection. This implies that there is something else from which this illusion arises. Think of it this way: if we stand on the shore and look at the ocean, everything below the surface is unknown to us. So, what we do is we put all our attention on the waves breaking on the shore, and lose our connection to the infinite depths of the water. We are meant to see beyond the first layer of manifestation, the physical, and connect to the essence from which it arises.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Again, we’re still dealing with the subject, as you said, in terms of making a decision, or doing something that has to do with an energetic that arises from a certain quality of the way you hold yourself, or carry yourself, as a sense of balance, or stillness, in the outer. And then, what rises out of that stillness of things, and where does that fit in? Or how does that fit in? Or does it fit in? 

And so first of all, I have to make a report to myself in that everything in the outer is a reflection to the essence – which exists as a stillness within. 

To begin with, in the meditation, I am abiding in the stillness, not identified in any way, whatsoever, to a thought and mannerism. In other words, just sitting in the stillness. So I see a subtle effect make itself known to me, in the outer, as a projection thought coming out of the stillness.

It seems harmless enough, initially. The unfoldment in the next reflective image, and which you could say is now more like the thought being made manifest in the outer, and is now like a tangible and alive projection – it has the whole sense of taking on a life of its own. 

The final images have taken a sequence of dream images that have captured my attention, and they have now put this into motion. The challenge upon denoting this is, am I conscious enough to honor the stillness from which the reflections are derived? Or do I buy into the reflections as if there is a meaningfulness in the reflection? 

So the significance of the dream, the meditation dream, is that the theme is a looking at outer reflections to denote, therein, the stillness that exists, with the challenge being, am I able to do this and mirror the stillness’ essence while amidst outer reflections? Or do I stray? 

There is a saying, and the saying is, it is important to be in life, but not consumed by it. Or, to say this in another way, that I can be attentive to the essence of stillness in spite of the loudness of a projection, which exists as an illusionariness. 

Answer to the question: Dee had suggested that I need to look within to see, therein, if there is guidance. The issue has to do with an energetic projection. The dream is generically pointing out that the visibility is a bifurcation that is coming out of the stillness. The visibility is reflective, and reverberates on the inner stillness within – but can you hold on to it when you go into a bifurcation?

Or, said another way, stillness in its pure form exists prior to an embodiment, which seems harmless enough, as a thought, but reflections get denser and denser, in the outer, the more it emanates.

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