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i43gesWe used to see people in sensory-deprivation tanks, the idea being that it was calming and it allowed other internal processes to happen. But, at a certain point, sensory deprivation is starvation to our systems. We are designed to process energies, but we also feed off of the energies of the things we interact with. A spiritual journey tries to elevate the quality of the energetic food we live on, yet we also have blockages, often in the form of defense mechanisms or psychologies, that prevent us from getting the higher nutrition we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So you could say the meditation dream set the table, but doesn’t necessarily drill down to what is really going on because that’s not the nature of a really, really deep meditation. A meditation takes and gives you the great, great overall schematic. So then you can have a sleep dream and you can deal with the specifics, and the minutiae, of the energetic that is actually there, going on. 

And so, in this dream, I go back into the last aspect of the meditation dream. In other words, this is where you take the reflections that have come through, that have images to them, so you’re having to identify now. And now you’re putting this into motion.  

The first aspect was that something surfaced out of the stillness, and, in and of itself that was harmless enough, was just something that was curious or something noticeable. The second aspect is that it had distinct images about itself. And then the third aspect is that it was brought through and then put into motion. It would be like a sequential dream. 

So I’m going now into this third aspect, where it has been put into a sequencing of an unfoldment as a dream. So, in this dream, having back into this third aspect of the meditation, which is where the issue of bringing an energetic all the way through into life exists, the setting is one in which I am in the street. I’m dealing with something that’s in the street, or in the overallness, in an aspect of a city, we’ll say.

At this point, the second part has been done. The images are known and now it’s a matter of how this goes into a flow. In the first part, I have this pant leg. So what the pant leg looks like was, the pant leg came down, and then right around the knee, there was like a little design, actually folded a little, just like it had a cord or something around it. And then it came down the rest of the leg from there. 

So I had gotten down to the knee area, hit the design, and then it’s meant to go from the knee down. So I know now that I have to come from the knee down, but the setting I’m in is it’s along the street, and, in this particular block, there are cars already parked there on that side. So I stare at this and I’m wondering, what can I do about this? 

But the consolation that I have is, it seems to be in the same directionality as the second part where the images came through, that I was able to be okay with the images coming through. But putting it into motion, going beyond – call it the middle part – the second part, to bring things through, I need to take the energetic down from the knee area to the ground, and, to do so, I have to do this in an area where there are cars currently parked. 

I know I can take the energy down. But what confuses me, in the dream, is what about these other cars already parked here? And I do not see them moving anytime soon. I’m feeling that this must be done before the end of the day. And I know there is nothing to suggest that any of these cars, along this entire city block, are moving anytime soon. Something is parked up a blockage. 

Now that’s interesting as a dream. But here comes another one. This drills down, too. In another dream, I see myself – it’s like midafternoon – and it starts off innocuous enough in which I’m just with some people and going down kind of a corridor this way and that way. Suddenly this corridor opens up into a room, and, in this room, there are books on shelves and then there’s a lower counter and there is food. It’s not like there’s a lot of food, but there’s enough food that’s ample for me and whoever I’m with.

I ask about how long this has been here, because see I’m like a bum in this dream. That’s my setting. If you’re a bum, when they get something given to them, or handed to them, that’s as good as it gets. So I ask about this, because I’ve never been here before, and I’m told this setup has been like this for a couple of days. And that each day, the food is replenished.

So, in this dream, I’ve come across the scenario for the first time, my initial feeling is that this is something that’s quite temporary. In other words, it’s kind of like a holiday spirit thing, and it will go away when the holidays are over. 

So as I look around, in looking around I’m not paying close attention to the food anymore, I’m looking around at the books and trying to see if there’s anything on the shelves that I can make out, because they’re all used books and whatnot. But maybe there’s some good books. And, try as I might, I can’t make out any titles; I keep staring, trying to make out what these books are about, as if there’s something that might be important for me to read. And then, when I turn my attention back to the food, which seemed like it was sufficient for us, because we had arrived early enough and everything, there isn’t much left – just some nuts. I remember thinking in the dream, this will get me by, but not everyday like this, because this is not a proper meal. 

So the meaning is, of both dreams now, in the first dream, I am being told that for what is needed to come to fruition, it needs to be brought all the way through, and, to do so there is a problem in that the area where this is to occur is already occupied; cars are parked there.

How am I going to do that? They’re not moving; I need them out of the way before I could put something in place. I need to flow in that area and there are cars there.  

And, in the second dream, I’m not able to see what I need to see for reading purposes. And the meal they are performing is incomplete. To begin with, to find a place where things are provided was exhilarating, but what I thought I had found is not ample for my needs over an extended period of time. Also, there is no extended period of time. What I’m finding is not a regular day-to-day occurrence  – it is there only during a very specific period of time, and this will go away. I cannot depend upon it.

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