The Countdown

960x0As soon as something fulfills its peak physical formation, it begins its journey home – back to what created it. This doesn’t mean that being rejoined with the Creator is the next stop, but it means that it begins its path to transition – its journey to transformation. As humans, we are capable of many transformations within one lifetime, which can affect where we go, and what we might do, in the next stage of our adventure. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, the general statement about it is that everything there is, that lives and can be seen, is founded in the essence of stillness. And man has access to this overallness of everything, but has to let go of the choices he has made that are an identification that is outside of the stillness. 

Everything that appears to exist lies outside of the stillness. That which appears to exist is an illusory projection held together by our need to identify. All projections are associated with the breath. In other words, they involve the breath. Maybe you could say associated, or founded, have an aspect of the breath. It’s almost the breath breathes everything into being – everything is created out of that.

So this is something I have been delving into more and more, in other words, looking at the quality of how the breath affects, or is the precursor to, is the means upon which, everything in manifestation… it’s like the vehicle to everything. 

So last night, I notice that after a thought had come into a sight, in other words, first the thought doesn’t have anything about it that’s meaningful at all, then it takes on a sight. And then the sight is activated more because of more things that are happening, in terms of the motion for manifesting it, so it’s put into a flow. And, at some point, that flow then becomes actualized, like a movie, or projection, or even concretized in terms of there being a denseness of manifestation. 

When it gets like that, to recognize the need to come out of the trance can start a type of countdown; I was shocked to see a countdown. In other words, when you’re traveling towards God on the in-breath, it’s as if a part of you is also letting go of the identification that had been in the other direction when you were coming in with just the out-breath. And so it’s like a countdown; it doesn’t mean you’re getting there. But it’s like a sense that there is something more – so it’s like a countdown. 

By that I mean that when the in-breath is oriented to be a traveling to God, and a letting go of the pent-up moods, mannerisms, and atmosphere associated with the illusory projections of manifestation is starting to subside, or there is the recognition to abide in some stillness somewhere. It’s like you’re in a kind of a countdown towards that. 

For each person it is different, but what needs to be dropped, or let go of, that is still caught in an over-expansiveness of moods, and things like that, values and such, on the in-breath is numbered before it goes completely away. The countdown, as a way of saying it, or image, as if there is a gap, or as if there is still something to be transcended. It’s not a gap; something to be transcended. 

And yet it is kind of a transcending because that’s when you come to recognize that there’s the spaciousness of the in-breath coming out of a pent-up dense manifestation that is caught in a time orientation. And that the timelessness of the out-breath has to be brought into the spaciousness so that you’d have a result of emptiness, of stillness, and be in the face of the essence of the universe

I experienced this, in the meditation dream, upon letting go of the projections that affect my greater beingness, and just the mere letting go causes the stillness; there is the stillness, then, if you can truly let go. 

So to let go of a projection invokes knowing that everything that I see, feel, and get into as a flow is deviation from the stillness. To have a reflective discussion about consciousness, taking the deviation, per se, traveling, as it does, or as it is trying to do, back to God, in other words, looking at it as at least having gotten to kind of an in-breath quality, a journey that can’t be made unless the timelessness of the outbreath goes through inner states of expansiveness, or spacious. And that the movement of that, traveling into the spaciousness, knowing that it needs to catch up with timelessness, is like a countdown. 

What I learned last night is to let go of a pent-up amnesic unconsciousness is to let go of projective spells in my beingness. To let go is to break free of time and space as a boundary, and be in a timelessness and spaciousness that knows no time or space. I mean, it’s everything then. 

Not enough can be said about the pristineness of stillness. For example, what we call the spirit of guidance is yet a self-limiting bifurcation from therein – because there’s no substance to that. There’s still a doingness, or an idea that there’s a doingness going on. There isn’t anything going on.

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