The Antidote

m6c0XhRIt’s tempting to think we can fix things that we see happening in outer life. We can address them, we can make them a bit better or worse, but, for the most part, we are only delaying an inevitable outcome because we are not addressing the fundamental issues. One of those issues is understanding that we are all connected and intertwined, so the ideas that separate us are an illusion that limits our mutual possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, then I go back into the meditation dream. And, as far as I am concerned, in the outer, where it seems that an accentuated effort is made to close off anything that could be more than the outer, than manifestation, which means all means to an access out of that are shut down, senses are dumbed down even further with the delirium; like it causes us to noodle into this, that, or the other. And, like in the movie, it’s like a type of accentuation of the delusion put into a panic mode.

All done with the purpose, or with the intensity, the veiled intensity, so that all hope to see through the illusionary images is impossible, poisoned, the purpose being so that any hope of catching up with a stillness, and an in-depth consciousness, from within is lost, or supposedly eliminated.

The scenario influence was the movie Batman Returns, in which Gotham was shut down so that there was no escape from the illusion that was projected – in terms of Gotham being a den-of-iniquity place.

And then, as you if you were playing a Sodom and Gomorrah, then poisoned with a greater projection of its illusionary trance, as if there is there is no hope, in other words. And that the antidote that restored Gotham, for a potentiality of sanity, was the breaking of the spell, and restoring of access to – if one wanted to put their attention there – to the greater overall qualities deep within that had been veiled, which is the stillness.

This enabled hope to surface in the face of the relentless, outer illusionary projections. And so, without the projection, stillness resides, and is the fount from which creation emanates; it’s the fount from which creation emanates. In other words, the thought and all that stuff comes out and gets into an image, and into a flow, and then you’re into the delirium.

So, in the dream, and movie, so to speak movie, what’s suggested is a means to let go of the projected veils. There’s the hint, in other words; can one do that? And, of course, that’s what makes the whole series, Batman, the idea that it holds on to something, and never lets it out of sight, because nothing else is meaningful.

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