To Some Degree

dreamIn this dream we have the professor and the students, or, the higher self and the lower self. They are having a symbolic conversation, and the dreamer is traveling back and forth between the two different viewpoints to try to understand better what the higher self has to say about the lower self viewpoint. Whenever we dream, this interaction is happening in some way, between different aspects of our inner lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. In that dream, I’m on a college campus. And it feels like I go back and forth between the campus and someplace else.

And there’s one of the professors that’s trying to investigate the students because he thinks one or all of his students are blowing up, or destroying, other people, or killing people, anyway. And, initially, I don’t believe that at all. So I’m trying to investigate to figure out what is the problem. So, as I go back and forth, it’s almost like I study, or observe, what’s happening with each of the people. I feel like there are other explanations for when somebody disappears.

When I do finally trace down that one person for some reason has blown somebody else up, but not all of the people are a problem – like he initially thought. So I’m kind of getting closer to figure out why that person is doing that, or at least that it’s just the one person and that there are other explanations for when other people disappeared, or changed. And I kind of explain to him what those other reasons are. That was all I remember of the dream.

John: So the professor’s are investigating, too. So, what you’re doing is describing how something is different, in terms of the density. In other words, in the density of things, like, for example, the feminine nature is in manifestation, and in the density of things there appear to be lots and lots and lots of reasons why this happens, and that happens. I mean, you can look at the variables. But from a professorial level, or a more realized part, or higher-self part, of yourself you are looking at how everyone is guilty, in some fashion, because everything is intertwined.

And so what is going on involves all of the students to some degree, right. And that is also true, because we are responsible for everything that happens. Just like it’s said, if there’s the oil spill, we’re all guilty to some degree for the oil spill because of some manner in which we buy into an abstraction in the outer – in which we lean on it, or depend upon it, or work with that as something that we go ahead and accept as part of the way we are in an outer context.

So, what you’re doing, in this dream, is you’re looking at the dichotomy between the two polarities. The polarity in which something is highest higher-self way can recognize, and can note how there is the interconnectivity between all that exists. And, therefore, find yourself having to take the overall view; an overall view that takes into account a totality, or a universal energetic. 

But when you’re in manifestation, and you’re dealing with something in a real microcosmic way, there appears to be multiple variables. Things don’t just dismiss off, or rationalize off, because you’re only capable of taking, as a general rule, into account that which is before you, or what is in the environment that you’re in. And thus, the rationale, and the logic, and the reasons appear to be this, and this, and that, and that, and this.

When, from the perspective of the higher-self dynamic, there’s something in the ethers that we’re all guilty of, that is the consequence and result for why something is the way that it is. And so, everyone is guilty to some degree. 

Now, where’s the truth, then? Well, for the professor he needs to get more grounded, because the professorial energy is holding a spaciality that may be true in a quality of realizing that there is an all-pervading stillness, and that out of the stillness, things happen. And, as they happen, to the degree to which they are intertwined and caught up in the collective, everyone is to some degree caught up in the collective, then the issue kind of falls on everyone.

And the higher self is not of a judgment modality, meaning it’s not something that goes out and condemns in a black-and-white way, of this, that, or the other because it knows that if something is askew, it’s askew in the overall vibration of things that have come out of the stillness, of which everyone who is in the outer, is to some degree outside of the stillness. So, it knows that it’s just a matter of the type of ignorance that exists because, if one was in the stillness, then it wouldn’t exist, it wouldn’t reside. 

This is a extremely deep dream because no one is totally in the stillness, and if someone was totally in stillness, then everything that occurs in the outer would be affected from the standpoint of the stillness. And you wouldn’t be able to say, from a professorial standpoint, that everybody’s guilty. You can only say that everybody’s guilty to some degree. And they’re guilty as an aspect of ignorance, based upon the fact that they have deviated from the stillness.

So, it’s too over-the-top of a dream, is kind of what it is, but it is an accurate conclusion. In other words, if you look at it in the fullest point-blank way, you would say that nothing can be done because there’s just the stillness. And, in the stillness, is the innocence, is that which is universally valid, and that everyone else in a given place, meaning in manifestation, everyone else, and the professor’s looking at everyone that is at the university, so to speak, or in manifestation, everyone else is guilty, to some degree, based upon a manner in which they carry themselves within the modality that they find themselves.

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