On a Tilt

Need13951So much of what we see around us, in terms of the way people act, in these times, is indicative of an inability to process the energies they are generating or connecting with. Rage, frustration, a sense of helplessness, these are all energetic states, or, we could say, powers. When we get powered by them, we can’t always control that power – that’s when bad things tend to happen – the things we end up regretting. This is why it’s always better to be for something, rather than against something, because even if we hate “hate,” we will still connect to the energy of hate. Better to connect to the energies of the positive things we want in the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: To start off in my dream, I’m dwelling upon this in terms of an uneasiness based upon the fact that I noticed that I’ve been able to open something up, or experience a lot of energy, that goes a long way in terms of having a sense that feels okay, or is even capable, or has an insightfulness in the outer. But I know that that’s not to be trusted, because that is still a way of portraying, or being. 

And as I have been noticing that I am able to move around in the outer more naturally, in other words, by that I mean just moving around with more energy and such, noticing that, and having gotten you might say addicted, or attached, or having an affinity for that, I’ve also been noticing that there comes a point when this, too, is a state or a quality that’s over the top. In other words, okay, so what, kind of thing? Enough is enough of that, as well. 

So, because I have the energy at my disposal to work with, the fact that I have shaken it out, or brought it, out or gotten it so it’s invibed into the situation, it’s as if, in terms of doing that, I can go along with this – as if it is okay, vibrationally speaking. That’s what I’m trying to convince myself with, but I can’t. And I guess the reason why I can’t is because I have this sense that all of this is a type of projection and it cloaks something deeper, within, each person being from however they are is still caught in their own projectiveness.

So there are times when my over-the-top energy is so all over the place that I can even denote a drunken quality to it, a staggering drunken quality to the energy. And when I note this drunken quality, even deeper down, I feel that behind this drunken quality is something. 

But anyway, the drunkenness, as an energetic, is like an unconsciousness too, in that both share the fact that there is more yet to go, behind that, that has to be embodied, in a way, held in a stillness in an embodiment. And, when it is, it’s grounded, and that when I am drunken, it’s stigmatic to the fact that I’ve gotten myself overwhelmed vibrationally. It’s almost like a Kundalini energy in the inner, or something, has gotten overly loud and isn’t rooted. And when I am unconscious, just like when I am drunken, almost as if they’re kind of the same, what they have in common is that you’re not keeping up with something right there in the present.

So, in other words, both are true. Vice versa is also true. Much like they are flip sides of the same coin, that whenever I’m drunken energetically, or literally, even, I am not embracing and embodying a knowingness that I touch, unconsciously, in the outer. You can really sit and kind of know what’s truly going on in terms of everything that there is, as if there is this revelational dance from the stillness. 

The dilemma I face is I am noticing that when I am able to touch unconsciousness with an innocent freedom, but not access a closeness, or be fluid vibrationally in a grounded way, I’m just not able when I do that to be grounded in a grounded way. And another way of describing the condition I am in, energetically, is, when one speeds up, I am still giving into outer as a projection, just speeded up more, where you have more dexterity and sense of being able to be over at the top, and doing so in a way that’s more than the eye can see. Yet you’re not really capable of embodying it. 

In other words, it’s just the delusionality of playing in something where the Kundalini energy comes out, per se, and you still have the physicality and the identification of that, to be very, very careful because there is a hint to why it is like that. And the hint is that this is like a type of tilt, and there’s actually a type of tenseness in this tilt, or if you have a belief system, a righteousness, which is all a type of density, it’s a type of identification, and if you sit with it, if you’re still with that, if you try to set that aside, you realize that you’re meant to be present, that there is something behind this, yet. 

And that’s why there’s a frustration; that’s why there’s a tension. That’s why there’s being a little on tilt. And why, in the heightened sense of the word, there’s even a self-consciousness there, because you haven’t shaken it out, in an overall pervasive way, the depths of a greater insightfulness, of which there’s only one depth to that, and that is the depth that is totally still. 

The image I see, that is reflective to what I am describing as an energetic dilemma, is I am meant to wear matching earrings, and not have an overly large earring in one of my ears and not the other. I mean, that’s kind of a strange image.

So the deeper meaning is behind all of this imbalance, energetically, are other levels of aliveness. In other words, that’s really the sense. That was the theme. Something behind all of this, that is something more, that one has finally gotten to the point where they have to touch these other levels of aliveness, that you have not yet reached, yet you know are there. 

And the deeper answer is, I’m not bringing into the heart a level of beingness in need of coming from inner into outer, which is the stillness, which is the mirroring.

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