What Stands Out

It is an aspect of the feminine nature to want the environment she is in to be harmonious. That’s as true on the inner levels of an individual as it is in the outer world. In this dream, the dreamer is bringing pies to the other people in the dream (other aspects of herself). But, in certain situations, a fresh pie does not make up for what is unfolding, just like a man bringing a woman flowers cannot erase all hurts. The subconscious then steps up the messaging, by introducing the idea of sexual abuse into the equation. This scenario is a nice illustration of how our dreams can be the back and forth of an inner conversation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m pretty sure that my initial dream was just about football, something about watching football, but it felt like there was a group of us and we watched football, and that I traveled between where the main group was and where members of the group lived, or worked. 

And the second dream had more to do with that. In the second dream, what I’m doing is I’m taking some food, I think it’s just some desserts, like pies or something, and I’m taking them between the different places where the people that watch the football live, and work, normally. 

So I might go down more into a town a little, or out of town a little, and deliver a pie. And then there might be a meeting room where I know we all get together, that’s more like a small town auditorium. And I go to these different sites and deliver the pies; and see that people get the pie.

But, in the course of this travel, as I come across different members of the group, I realize that several of the women, including myself, have been sexually assaulted recently. And they haven’t been talking about it. So I feel like part of my job in going and delivering these foods is to begin to tell the men what’s happening so that they can do something about it. That was the second dream. 

John: The sense that both dreams have, meaning the dream that I just had and the dream that you had, is that there is something significant to be noted, or denoted, in terms of a traveling that involves going into an energetic that’s an outer aspect, an outer thing

In my dream, I was looking at timing, more on a out-breath level, in other words, if this person was to come back, or if something was to happen, that would cause, then, a sense of what is it that would be different if this person then came back in the sense of what could you be looked at, or reviewed, or examined, that would be different if this person came back into the overallness?

In your dream you are looking at the overallness. What you’re doing is instead of looking at it as a timing, you’re looking at the thing as a spaciousness, and so you’re finding yourself involved in an outer overallness, which is on an in-breath level.

I’m tied up, or caught, in something on an out-breath level, trying to find something of value that stands out when the timing is reached, or recognized, in other words, will correspond to that waking up.

What you’re doing is you are automatically portraying yourself in a spaciousness, and within the spaciousness is what’s going on, like you could say is the scenario setting, and that you are facilitating something that satisfies what’s going on in that setting, like providing a desert and such. But you’re portraying that, in that setting, in that overallness, there is something that’s skewed that stands out. 

And what stands out is that the women have been abused – as a consequence of the way that the overallness currently is. It’s like an amnesia is in place where there is an attention in the overallnness, and then there’s the quality of something that’s trying to appease the overallness, which is the providing them with dessert. 

And then there is the waking up, or acknowledging, or recognition within that overallness, which is really heavily tranced out in a particular motif – that something more exists in the overallness that has to be taken into account – which in this particular case is the recognition that the overallness, something about the overallness, is offensive, or abusive, or damaging to the sensibilities of how it needs to be, in terms of yourself, in the overallness.

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The Comeback

One way to think of having greater consciousness is in the thousand-foot view of a person who has let go of personal ego limitations and expanded their consideration to the universal. But there is also the aspect of being more conscious, in the sense of knowing when something has been triggered in us, an old pattern, or pain, or bias. In this case, our consciousness allows us to make different decisions, and not be operating on automatic pilot. And this process helps us in our quest for greater consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my last dream, I was observing a person who was unconscious in a hospital. And I was looking at what it would take to bring them out of that condition. And that it would have to be something different than what was currently going on, in terms of the hospital scenario.

And that’s the only snippet that I can think of, or look at. I suppose if I had sat down maybe and tried to write it up more it would have more meaning, or more to it. The thing that I make out of this is that the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with involvement. The meditation dream is really loud about it because it shows the effect of when you get off into something, in a carried-away way, that you do something that affects the molecular nature of your body. 

Well, that loudness was just taken out in terms of the conscious dream, or the sleep dream, in which there was something that needed to be brought back from wherever it was at. 

And because I know what the theme of the dreaming was, what is being implied is that when you get involved in some aspect, or sense, with your attention, or your self in an outer capacity way, that what you really are is unconscious, so to speak, to an inner depth. Because when you are abstracted, in some sense, your abstractness of your nature throws you into an identification that isn’t the stillness.

And that, what I was seeing in a sleep was like in a place, that, in terms of a need for it to come back to this side, wasn’t possible, or didn’t seem possible because the coming back, even though that was the important thing to happen, because otherwise it was out of here, so to speak, in terms of conditions of things having gotten the best of it, the importance of it coming back would have been to contend with, or look at, or deal with an aspect of things on this side. 

And so what I was also looking at was that if it were to open its eyes and come back, that you would have to take a different view, for example, to see what there was that had changed. Because reflective to the condition that it was in, when it was unconscious, would be different than it would be if it came back, because there would be something about that.

And that would be interesting what that would be, because it would be one way when it was unconscious and checked out, maybe another way if it consciously woke up to come back. And, whatever that component was would be of interest on a scientific level. So that was my sleep dream.

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That’s the Cue

Jean-Francois Millet

If we are in an inner stillness, there is no where else to go – we are already there. But nary a moment will go by that doesn’t pull for our attention. When it does, if we respond, we find ourselves disconnected from the stillness and having to manage ourselves in what seems like a chaotic environment. This happens over and over again, but, in time we can learn to stay in the inner stillness and also be engaged with the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, what I notice is that I am in a house, waiting and waiting, in kind of a state of suspense, because I’m being pulled by an identification that I know is upon me, in which I’m going to be leaving a more well-reasoned stillness, and going out in the field. 

And so I’m not in a proper stillness because my attention is to a timing that will set in motion, then, an out-breath effect. And then the corresponding aspects that result from launching out with the thought that goes to it, that is a type of timing motion, that goes then into the opening of things up that gets into spaciousness on the in-breath, and so on. 

So there is the sensation, that when you’re like this that you have, that is looking for its identification, which is the timing upon the breath. So, in the dream, as I’m waiting for the time to act, and I am in this house, absorbed by a self-imposed condition, in which I say that I have to go into the field when the timing is right. In other words, caught in this conundrum that’s a spellbound thing that I’m going to do to myself. 

Suddenly the announcement comes that the pickers have arrived. What this is about – this is my cue – the pickers come, and then the pickers pick all kinds of different things out there – the vegetables. And what I need to go out there, they pick everything at once, and as soon as the announcement is given that the pickers have arrived, I need to get out there because I need the onions to start the cooking. 

I have to saute the onions up and whatnot as the first step. After that is ready, then I contend with what’s next in terms of the ingredients and components, but that is another aspect in due time, that’s part of the spaciousness. 

So, the meaning is, this is a dream that drills down, first of all, on the timing as an identification problem when there is a compelling need to have to do something in the outer. 

The spaciousness, which involves everything else that ensues on the breath, which is the timing launching, has been initiated, it will follow, and it will be represented by the other components. But they’re not the direct issue, the issue is getting something started, and the timing to get something started, that is the out-breath first – before the in-breath part is invoked. 

In other words, the other ingredient you answer on the in-breath spaciousness. But you know when you’re feeling all of this and whatnot, if you really, really do look closely at yourself, you realize there’s just a stillness: there is no in-breath or out-breath intensity and waywardness if you sit predominantly whole in the stillness.

What I am doing in my dream is feeling the heaviness of a consuming energetic noodling around as an identification barrier, that is the illusionary journey of manifestation. In other words, it’s the illusionary journey of manifestation, or the movie screen projection of things, that one goes through and tries to pretend is real – when only the stillness is real.

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