Let it Pass

Most of the time, we come at life. We actively instigate actions that cause different types of unfoldments down the road. There’s another view of how to be, and that is to let life come at us, or come to us. When we are in that position in ourselves, we allow the entirety of our systems to be involved in the process – the energies come in to us and we can respond in the moment, rather than from predetermined outplay loops. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, the way I described it is that in going back into the dream, or, in other words, going back into what is going on around you, I was shown that one, if you put vibrations side by side, past and new, it is possible to read, therein, in kind of a distinguishable way. 

In other words, the heart is able to be better read, because you can feel the effect of something that’s reflective in the past, that is being sorted out in terms of a futuristic aspect. What you’re doing is you’re doing the type of subrogation when you do that. 

When something is in the past, you can note that something is in the past and it’s not meant to go anywhere because it either is a depth inside you, that you note, that is to something more. And when something is being projected and aimed to unfold in a certain way, looking into the future, well that, too, is trying to catch up to, and to relate to, a quality of an unfoldment that, again, is streamlined, so to speak, with a sense about it, in terms of what is able to be recognizably revealed. 

And, in both of those instances, you’re still playing in a modality. Neither of those is what is real. In other words, both ways are still dealing with a position, and a condition, and an identification. 

And then there’s the second way, in that I took and looked at the vibrations in a side-by-side way, past and new, and realized that when I’m doing something new it can be enticing because I don’t necessarily have the direct nausea of something that’s of the past, and that I can note that they seem to be different.

But, if I really look at myself, they’re both projections. And then the second, and the third, actually, look more like they kind of are one and the same in terms of a type of coming together, but I break the step of the stillness into two parts. 

The first step to the stillness is to let something pass. In other words, when you don’t act on it, you just sit back and watch. It’s not like you are inactive, you’re sitting there and contending with it in some instilled aspect of yourself. And you’re getting information by letting the energy apparently kind of sort itself out, or pass – which leads to the deeper aspect of the stillness, that, in noting the after-effect, and inner depth, and breadth, scope of an essence, how it permeates the entire environment, which means that anything that you had done, by letting something pass, you come to realize the greater scope, and depth, of the stillness.

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