A New Land

How often does it happen that we find ourselves unable to really hear what someone is saying, only to find, at some point in the future, that those same words or ideas are exactly what we need to hear? Words are sound, and sounds are frequencies, and every exchange is about the energies involved. If we are closed to an energetic frequency, and cannot receive it, it usually means we are operating at a different frequency, ourselves, perhaps a lower frequency. Only when we elevate our frequency will the higher messages be received. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream, that kind of worked as a precursor to shake all of this out, that in my dream, I am amongst those who, like myself, and have made a journey across something, have gone through something. We’ve made this long journey. 

And they are all like my relatives, except that I do not know them very well. Nor do they know me very well. The setting is like the old west, where you’ve traveled across the country to a new land. And we are the settlers in this new land.

So I am seen as being an older brother relative, supposedly quite wise, but what I have to say sits in kind of a latent suspense; it hasn’t come out, it won’t come out. And they’re all waiting for it to come out. And so my condition is I have never spoken, and they’re all waiting to hear what I might say. They all are more directly related in things, and like maybe they’re relatives around one side of the family, and I am the only one left to the other side of the family. And I’m just kind of the elder statesman that’s left as a consequence of that; everyone else has gone. 

Which is to say, I’m related by blood, even though there isn’t the typical familiarity. Although I carry a kind of a senior presence amongst them, but because I am suffering from amnesia am not able to make known to them the distinguishable differences between them, as my blood relatives, and myself. Because of this amnesia – an inability to bring it through – that I haven’t spoken, or brought through, that awareness, so it sits in a suspense. It has this mysterious effect, which seems to preside, sits there, just hangs over the scenario.

In other words, this is a scenario in which here we all are gathered in an open area, haven’t gone our separate ways or anything in this new land. And the sense is that we have been able to get to this particular point based upon an energetic resource that is no longer being made available. Because in this new place, now, it’s as if something, it’s like there’s a new tease to this new area that didn’t exist in which we hung together before. And it’s like a new energy source, and what its effect is going to be is yet to be known, or hasn’t yet unfolded. 

Or, to say this another way, a particular energetic past is no longer available to them, or to us, or to the situation – of which I’m in this situation, which is the same thing as saying that they must move on. And they don’t seem to know how. And I represent and hold the presence to something in the past that’s important. 

In the dream, it’s like oil, the use of oil, and they’re going to have to try to use some other kind of resource for their energy. And I know that you can’t replace the oil, that that is important, and that everything has got to be worked out with this new resource. But, in spite of that, they can’t distinguish whether they should try this or not, because they just don’t know, either. 

So they can’t seem to leave, as if not in touch with what is going on. This is the delirium, where you can be caught in kind of a sorting out. So, in the dream, not only am I different than them, meaning I still hold on to the recognition of something very latent as a depth inside, that isn’t just simply dismissed as the past because it has a history, or a record, or a quality about it that is viable – and that something new is untested. But I am the energetic, as well, then, of that past, of that quality of something ancient that they actually need to take in. I mean, they’ve taken it in in maybe some sort of unconscious way, but they haven’t taken it in consciously. They don’t really know from which that inflects.

Now the way I see it is as follows: in the dream the time has come in which I am standing up on a table amidst them, and in a voice that hasn’t been heard for a long time, I speak. I can’t say what I want to say. I know that what they need to hear can’t come through me in an intelligible way for them to grasp it. So I ad lib, which means I pull the energy back and I just ad lib and bifurcate in some way, or subrogate in some way so that I’m still talking, but I don’t have that in-depth quality that goes to the heart of something. 

Because, under the circumstances, the energy isn’t there to do that. And when the energy is not there for something to get to the in-depthness, it causes things to disperse. So everyone disperses. They all go out into life, but they weren’t ready to hear it. So when I finally spoke, I couldn’t make it available for them to be able to hear, either, because they weren’t in the right frame of reference. 

So I bibble-babbled, and when I bibble-babbled they just shook their head and left, so to speak, energetically they realized that what they were hanging out for, knowing it was possible, just didn’t quite come through and touch them. So they left. 

Or, another way of saying it is, until I opened my mouth and broke the suspense, they were just waiting. But when there wasn’t anything profound, upon realizing that, they went their separate ways. And I’m saddened because the need that existed for a catching up and a recognition of what had been really going on, which is a need from a deep inner depth, where a meaningfulness that is like a stillness has gotten lost. 

So as they disperse, not noticing what they are missing, having veiled themselves now to drift away, I experienced this despair. Like I say, it’s a sadness, or a despair, or heaviness upon the heart. The despair is because a familiarity with the inner roots of the past is lost when you shift to something unfamiliar, which is yet to be perfected. 

In other words, the grass is always greener on the other side of the street, so to speak. And so the devil across the street, which prevails in the outer, is a way of veiling. And this is a type of veiling that tears things apart, and causes things to split off. So, as an inner essence opportunity, it’s lost. And the bewilderment again, of the everything of everything, prevails.

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