Big Data

We have physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, scientists, and many more fields of research, all working to describe to us the world we are born into. But is it really the right approach? Can endless facts and information get us closer to the connections we seek on our journey? Perhaps we should seek the connections first, and gain the intelligence of the whole from them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my last dream it feels like I’m thinking I need to get a job. And I’ve wandered into a school that, I soon realize, is a school for adults, but it’s a secretarial school. And so I began to observe at a couple of classrooms, but then I realize that this may be a problem for me because, although I feel like I can go and get work as a secretary, the girls that have actually been at this school longer know shorthand and all kinds of things that I don’t know. So that’s a bit of a conundrum for me.

John: What you’re describing, or portraying, is still attempting to find a wholeness inside of yourself, based upon catching up with a body of information. What you’ve done now is you’ve taken a certain type of action, or a certain type of conceptualization, and conceptualizations, per se, can all be described as one where they all sit as some aspected part of breath. 

And so this also is part of this dilemma that I’ve been having, with regards to stillness. And this is a radical dilemma that I’m facing, in that our curious mind and senses nature has us wanting to look, sit, see, and take in, as if we learn and understand. And, therefore, upon learning and upon understanding we somehow let go. 

But, as your dream kind of portrays, well, it doesn’t portray it, it just indicates that you are still thinking that you need to take in more of a body of information, and that where you’re at doesn’t have a big enough, or full enough, position. This is an aspect of a spaciousness lie, to oneself, because one hasn’t totally let go of space to be actually in spaciousness. So you’re still trying to catch up with a greater overallness, which is in the in-breath. 

And where this gets into a radical aspect of things, is where you have teachers who teach a body of information. And that body of information has certain qualities about it that’s refreshing, and soothing, and invigorating and it does this, that, and the other – changes the verve a little bit, or works and develops a type of chi and all that. But it really is kind of still in an aspect of spaciousness, and the idea that you can keep taking and expanding and expanding into the spaciousness, catching up with more and more pieces, and points, and particularities and that that will then somehow or another, get you somewhere. 

Well, there’s millions and millions of pixels of things in the spaciality; it’s impossible for you to grasp God in that capacity. So, that’s the dilemma of the in-breath. And so, then, this is where this thing gets dicey, to the degree to which you gain more of that information that you’re seeing is sitting there in the spaciousness, and to the degree to which you can then utilize that, in some capacity, for being a less linear person, is the degree to which you then are playing with breath – with out-breath timing, now, in relationship to the spaciousness that you caught up with. 

And that keeps you in a state of a delirium, where that sort of thing is the acting-out in terms of what it is that you think you can do in the world that’s effective. And that before you can do anything in the world, you have to take in more information, more of the space of it all, hopefully the whole spaciousness, and, in doing that, you’re bringing in the history of all that there is that you are a composite of. And then you can work with that with the out-breath, with the timing, now.

Basically, you’re dreaming and what you’re looking at is going around and around and around on some aspect of breath. But why shouldn’t you go around and around and around on some aspect of the breath because it’s that that’s being taught? And most of what you work with, with only a hint of timing, it really not being there, is you had a greater intentionality of catching up with more of the space of things, or working with what is ultimately spaciousness, or, finally, a lack of spaciousness completely, the obliteration of it. No time, nor space.

When there’s no time or space, there’s just stillness. When there’s time, you’re projected somewhere into a co-creating mentality with the spaciousness of yourself. When you realize that you are out of whack, timing-wise, and you can’t seem to find a sense of balance, in terms of yourself, you feel all confused or disoriented. Then, the chances are, you’re going to have to pause because you’re caught in some aspect of a breath that isn’t grounded, in a letting-go way, to the spaciousness. So then you’re going to have to figure out how to noodle yourself back into some sort of copacetic-ness that you think you can hold on to, and function with – that’s in space. 

So you’re dreaming, as you can see, is interesting and a good way of dreaming. And it all fits with what is being brought through, is being taught, is traditional, and doesn’t quite go through the door. There’s a door that you go through in which there’s nothing there; you’re all alone. And it’s the stillness. 

And that each person has to go through that. And things about that can be described, which are the door, which are the bits and pieces and the parts that still sit in the wibble-wobble of trying to let go of time and space. When you go through that, then you’re going into the moment, you’re going into the oneness, then. That’s where really the oneness is at. And it’s always in the moment. And it’s not a breath orientation anymore, per se, if you use the breath to try to describe it, because the breath is always something that’s catching up with the vastness of yourself, while, at the same time, in the out-breath, with a greater grasp of the vastness so you’re not so linear, and attempting to do things in a subtler and subtler, and better and better way.

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