A Type of Moment

Through the centuries, spiritual paths have helped us make our journey in a step by step way, learning, letting go, and connecting to something higher. Yet it is felt by many that in these times now there is a potential to connect into the wholeness of everything much more quickly, in the sense of shifting from not being with It, to being with It. But, of course, that possibility isn’t going to happen without an effort toward the journey in the first place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Most of what I’m describing right now comes as a consequence of having done something that you don’t ordinarily do. Ordinarily, because most of these paths have to do with working through the states of things, and you take and you have a little breakthrough, and then you might have a reprieve, and then you have another little breakthrough, and then you might have a reprieve. That’s kind of how things have unfolded in the past, but what I was shown was, that doesn’t have to be that way now.

You can do it in one fell swoop; you can go from down to up, or up to down, or however it is that you connote the stillness to be, although, for me, I connoted it as being like a down to up. You can do this in such a way that there is no identification to something high on the in-breath; there is no high on the in-breath. Nor is there something that is high on the out-breath trying to come down and through, taking something pristine and bringing it through without it getting contaminated, and weaponized, and steering it and carrying it with a certain quality that comes down – that can then somehow effectively survive, and make changes, in the collective of the outer of all of these thoughts.

Trying to out Yang, the Yang, just like you can try to out Yin the Yin with the in-breath, being at some point on the in-breath, all of that is a type of delirium. And that the paths have you working with practices and processes that work through herky-jerky-ness, one little herky-jerky to another little herky-jerky, to another little herky-jerky. And, in the course of a totality, I don’t see an end to it. Although I can see that something can go from one fell swoop to the other – and barely make it. 

Now I’m talking about it as a type of moment. But whether that moment is a lifetime, or just how that is, it is hard to say. But in order for it to make it, it can’t get caught in the building blocks where you go to this little level, and then to the next little level, and most people make about two steps in a lifetime. 

It has to be more in keeping with what Owen described in terms of seeing himself in Tibet, long ago, where things that we’re used to going a little bit this level, a little bit to that level, and such and so on, were lower temples. And then all of a sudden there is a fell swoop step that is taken and you go to the highest temple. And there’s never any news heard from you again; that’s going into the stillness. 

And it’s very terrorizing because something that is like that is terrorizing to those who are caught in having to contend with some motif, or another, expression – a doingness of something out-breath-wise yet. In other words you make a journey on the in-breath up to a particular point, and you come back down with the out-breath and how to bring it into life, and try to shift, and shape, and co-create; there still is that being caught. 

But in a total, perfect, pure mirroring, you have a kind of communication that is truly there without any bifurcation or limitation. That’s the kind of communication that’s the most real. So that, again, is talking about a quality of stillness, but who can do that? Everyone has to try to do something, either in terms of trying to co-create within what they’ve caught up with, or to try to catch up with a greater spaciousness, of which you can’t do it that way, either, because it’s like you can’t grasp the expansiveness of God. 

And so then the idea is that you can kind of get glimpses of things, but those glimpses of things get caught as an aspect of the stillness in the out-breath turning to the in-breath interval. If you’re true enough to yourself, when you realize that running that course, which may get glimpses, the glimpses are really, then, to a complete total letting go and the stopping, which is the stillness of the out-breath turning to the in-breath, and that the two have to come together: the out-breath turning to the in-breath, and the in-breath turning to the out-breath. 

Those points of stillness, when they are one and the same, then there is no such thing as a journey, and there’s no getting caught on either aspect of the breath, either the in-breath or the out-breath. That’s what I had to dream about, that came together as a meditation dream, and was able to see that all of that can be done in one fell swoop – as opposed to having to dribble along, like everything seems to do. So we’ve got to hit the stillness behind everything, or we’re still in some part of the breath.

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