A Bit of Redemption

Regret, and guilt, are powerful energies that we should learn to process – consciously. It’s natural to experience these feelings, but when they arise it is a signal that we must process an energetic through our system – to let it go. If we instead dwell upon them, we are actually feeding them, allowing them to stay with us longer and, ultimately, cause collateral effects. Humans must process all energies, just like our digestive system does, separating the nutrients from the expendable, and being conscious of this process can make us more efficient at it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I was unable to reach a stillness because the reaction that I had during the day was so intense that it left a scar upon my molecular nature. In other words, I can feel it as a vibration that tingles yet, which means that because I’m a wholeness with everything that this also, then, affected the molecular structure of life. 

And it was such a spell, that I’m still carrying the vibratory projection, tingling with me as a poison to the overallness. The doing of something like this, the price of having done something like that, is not worth it, even though you might say that it’s sacrificial, and maybe shakes things, and tries to cause something to catch up or whatever, because the reaction does the opposite of what you might think you want it to do, it instead imposes this spell-like reflectiveness that misses the point. It keeps things in a trance. 

So, as a result, the stillness is veiled from doing something like this, which is counterproductive to why one may have done it, which was the idea that this could fix or heal something. But it never works that way. 

So what am I seeing? My reaction has set off a negative effect, which is permeating into life. I still feel this as a loudness. In other words, it’s not on a subtle channel, it’s on an overtness in my nature, and, in order for me to be in a more appropriate spaciousness of myself, it needs to fall away. 

So to redeem myself from the spell I imposed, if I’m able to do that, I would access the stillness. That is, the stillness is mirroring. Because I caused a reaction upon the psyche of myself, and everything around me in the outer, and the condition is something that isn’t yet absorbable, the result from something like that is a pattern laid in place to have to be repeated again and again, with perhaps other forms or conditions in the outer that reflect the conditionality reaction.

In other words, until one gets it, that this isn’t how it works. This isn’t how you solve something like this. Well, the problem with continually being bantered about like this, and still not getting it, is that there is a greater danger in that continuing off on this motif, staying off on on a motif like this can lead to a breakdown, an even greater breakdown, in terms of the outer fabric because instead of it getting it, it goes in the other direction, which would be a type of long-term effect that destroys for a longer period of time and creates a extenuation of a veil from the stillness, which means it will take a long time for such a deviation spell to run its course; that’s the danger. 

It sometimes is interesting to have something that’s really this intense, that really stirs things up, including oneself and everything around, because sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to be redeemed a little bit within, and able to drop a little bit of righteousness, you can come to notice that you carry all kinds of subtler levels that you just pass the buck on. So even when my conduct is quieter, and my actions seemingly harmless, because I still see myself in a particular way, or still have conduct that I play with, my agitation and stuff, I’m still imposing a spell every time I take such a mannerism or pattern on.

I’m not here to do anything that is projectively meant to be spiritual, or that’s to try to shift or change that way. You just mirror. I’m here as an essence to all there is. Thusly, I am removed from the this and the that of things – because the real realness, or aliveness, is just an empty space.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Bit of Redemption

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