Touching the Beyond

Is our unconscious a drama queen, or king? Sometimes the images seem so out there that we have to wonder what is really going on. Today’s dream is a good example, where our dreamer is living in a stifling society and seeking to break free. And they’re taking babies away from people! Yet isn’t every new project, or understanding, like a new birth that needs to be nurtured and helped to grow? And when there is resistance to the growth of this new energetic, it can seem like it is being stolen from us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember one dream. And, in this dream, I seem to be raised in a society that’s fairly regimented. And as they’ve gone around, and everybody’s kind of quiet about it, as we have children, they take the babies from us. And we’re coming up to an area where they’re going to take the babies – and I stopped the process. 

And I have others with me. And I realize we’re going to break away, but, as I examine the details of how the society’s being run, and what’s going to be done, I realize the problem that we’re going to have is that everybody’s been kind of bred to ignore emotion. And so if we’re going to have a society where we actually choose our relationships, and raise our own children, we’re going to have to deal with emotions – and none of us have done that.

But we’re going to take the babies and break away, anyway. But I just realize it’s going to be more of a challenge than people realize.

John: So you’ve gone back to pointing at something that isn’t even in the Bible, but that Christians seem to believe, and that’s a type of Rapture. Actually, this comes from the sense that there is a depth, deep, deep within, in which something is able to go into an omniscience, and omnipresence, somewhere else. 

And then there are all of the ideas about how that is possible, that are all conceptual ideas. But deep, deep, deep within there is this sense that there is something more like that. And it is because there is this sense of a something more, even though we noodle it out in various bifurcated ways to try to create an imagery, because there is that sense it’s an aspect, it’s a quality, and it’s a manner that touches a beyond-of-the-beyond stillness.

And it is from that that we have somehow, sort of, kind of have a kind of equivocation that is more than what we can attain, or know. And so that’s probably why it is said that there is no God but God, or that man can never be God, or if he goes around like in some of the stories that are told and starts pronouncing himself to be this, that, and the other, that that’s a type of blasphemy, because it is a state, or it is a quality, in which something is in an omniscience and omnipresence wholeness, and it is the only thing that there is, and that any way and manner in which we see ourselves, or are, is uniquely separate from that. 

So what you were doing was you were pondering with this sensation, you’re circling around this sensation, and in that circling around that sensation you orbed to something that was the best you could concoct, in a symbolic imagery way inside of yourself, of something that’s in the beyond-of-the-beyond. That’s why I called it a kind of Rapture, or something, which is like a mentality way of giving up, saying, okay, I give up and something is just going to have to come, and, whatever its criteria is, take things out of here. 

It’s a very peculiar kind of way of dreaming that tends to be at the end of a sort of exhaustion, or exasperation. For me, it’s an exasperation, in terms of recognizing that everything that I can possibly note, or denote, is caught on some quality of the breath. And the fact that it’s caught on some quality of the breath that is limited, and is in a state of decay as a consequence, and that that quality of the breath that it’s caught on is pointing out that I’m still journeying, and that journeying is still a quality of holding out, and holding onto, some aspect of a manifested waywardness. 

And so then one sits in this conundrum, because is spirit energy as good as it gets? Meaning being able to be outside of time and space, so to speak, as a kind of vibratory essence, that is somehow or another linked from top to bottom, or more top to bottom, because of the letting go. Is that the best that it gets? Because even that has its qualms to it; even that is not the absoluteness.

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