A Better Way

We’ve all heard the phrase: cooler heads will prevail. In this dream, the dreamer is actually putting a bucket of ice on her head to change the energetic of the situation. Sometimes we feel we know what is best for a given situation and we seek to take control of things to usher in the desired outcome. Yet, our inner lives understand that our best intentions can sometimes be a trap of our own making – if we disconnect from the flow of things and start our own tangent. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my dream last night, I think I was a man in it, again. And, initially, I’m at a large swimming pool, and I’m a young man, like 20s, and I seem to be playing with the son of a woman. There’s another friend that’s joining in, too. And we’re playing in the swimming pool with this boy, like we want him to learn to swim and to have fun in the pool – and his mother’s a little indifferent. 

Then it feels like what we’re doing is we’re having to go to court because the father of the boy, who’s separated from the mother, has seen that we’re taking an interest in the boy, and, even though he doesn’t do anything with the child, he doesn’t want anyone else to do anything with the child, either. So we have to go to court. 

And we want to go to court to see if we can, I think, get custody, or at least be involved in helping a child to swim and his life. But, when we go to court, the court is kind of an informal family court where we’re sitting around a table, and, as we sit around the table, somebody comes, and as I sit at the table, it’s like they’re trying to make me sit there with a bucket of ice on my head. But it’s not well balanced. And they keep trying to get it balanced right. 

And it feels like, in one situation, I’m actually able to sit there and balance the bucket of ice on my head. In the second situation it’s like I finally make them remove the bucket because it’s not well balanced, and the focus really needs to be on whatever the hearing is about for the boy. I don’t feel like it’s really relevant whether I can balance the bucket of ice or not. I want the focus to be on what’s going to be best for the boy, and whether we can be involved in his life, and in teaching him how to swim.

John: It’s a very interesting dream from the standpoint that you have a mother in there that is not properly engaged, you have a father who has a certain feel about how the boy is, then you have yourself that has a particular kind of quality sense of how you see something needing to unfold – and you’re caught in that little sense. 

In other words, it’s not coming in the usual channels where something is connected and intertwined in a family-oriented way, because the mother is checked out. And the father has his own particular sense, but is more connected with the child than the mother. And that you have established a relationship that is attracted to, or addicted to, a particular quality or way of being that you feel you can work and help facilitate with regards to the child. 

Now, this is a trap. This is a spiritual illusion, because what you’re identifying, that you see that you can help, or that you can facilitate, with regards to the child has to do with a particular schematic sense that is capturing your attention and causing you to look in this particular way. 

And so, because this is outside of the norm, in other words, this is something that normally, if it follows a proper protocol, would be one that involves the parents, and you are interceding into this protocol with an energetic mannerism that you’re carrying inside that is going to supersede, or go over the top, because you have a sense that you have a better way. 

In your dream, the mother is completely unaware, is actually in a total stupor. But you have the father who is pointing out that there could be easily something more about this child that’s important in terms of parenting, in terms of being raised in a way that has a life that comes through the parents, that wouldn’t happen in terms of this outside influence that can intercede and press itself forward, and win the fancy of the situation, energetically; perhaps win the fancy of the situation energetically.
Would this be appropriate, or good, for the situation? Somehow you know that what you’re doing is like a type of addiction. In other words, you’re caught in what it is that you feel adamant about. I mean, willing to go to court about it and the whole thing. And a part of you is looking at this and even sees that you have this crazed side of yourself that you can get intent with, and push things along with. 

And you realize that somehow or another this is a habituation or something. But it doesn’t mean that you know how to let go of the habituation. But knowing that it’s a type of habituation is a big help. And what points out that you have a sense of what you’re doing as interfering, or limiting, something more that can possibly be there, but you can’t seem to stop yourself from doing what you are drawn to do to try to get a little better spaciality, you take the ice bucket on your head, which is your way of trying to chill out, or to settle yourself down, so that you can come to a better recognition, so that you can catch up with your true self.

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