Unseen Obstacles

We like to give people credit for having brains when they say or do something smart, but the truth is intelligence comes from our connections – the mind and brain are receptors for energies, and energies carry information. So, it would be better to understand one another by realizing that certain people naturally connect to certain energies, so they become expert in music, or science, or anything. But that we are all designed to connect with any energy we can think of – we just need to create that frequency in ourselves by our repetitive intentions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So if I do my sleep dream first, which I think has a single element in it that is the schematic of what is trying to be noted, it starts off in which I’m in this large, you might even call it a type of warehouse area because you put a car inside of it, of which there is a car inside, I’m there relating to a bunch of, kind of speeded up relating and carrying on with a bunch of friends. The time has come when we are to all go to another place, to somewhere else. 

So we get in the car that’s parked inside this place, and it won’t move. It’s as if one of the tires is jammed, or we’re stuck. There are no obstacles, I mean, this is a flat surface, but somehow we’re stuck. And I’m stunned. I’ve never had this happen before. It makes no sense. 

Off to one side are a couple of employees in this area, this building. I look at them with the idea, and I motion to them. In other words, if they could give us a push, because, for some reason, if they gave us a push for whatever reason while we’re just stuck there, I can’t understand how that could be, then we’d be on our way. 

And one of the guys says something that causes me to realize that he actually has a clearer understanding of the predicament. That my understanding is one thing, and his understanding goes right through it. And the way I can tell that they seem to have a better understanding, is, one of them says to me, are you asking us for help? And he needs a “yes.” In other words, rather than just coming over and giving it a push, he needs me to firmly say, “yes.” 

And so, when I do, he then says, “In that case, we need to go and grab a couple of things.” In other words, it isn’t just giving me a push that is the answer here. “We will be right back.” That is when I realize they know what I don’t know, and aren’t going to leave me to my own devices where I would not have actually fixed the problem once and for all. In other words, whatever they have to do – jack it up, this, that or the other – I’m still herky-jerking impatiently, like I have to do this and have to do that. And I’m trying to leave some money behind with one of them as I go off to one side or something – instead of just sitting there and letting things just unfold and transpire. I’m not quite fully paying attention, either. 

The meaning, though, and the theme, is about letting go of restrictions that are keeping me in some sort of stupor, trance, and self-perpetrated spell. The dream is saying that carrying on with the situation, as it appears, isn’t the answer. It may look good, but it doesn’t shift, once and for all, in the way that’s needed. 

So now I have to cite some things that look like could be scenarios that triggered. Do I do some things that I see about me in the outer, or not? There is something about this where the effect of the action, in terms of the vibration of the action, where I can feel there is like a type of steerage trance condition that won’t take me to a true letting go that I seek and need. You get caught up and have to adjust. 

So the dream is pointing out a subtle energetic distinction that points to a stillness and a letting go. And then the noticing of the subtle vacillating, that can seem innocuous enough. And once you do that, you tend to get a little bit lost in that, more, and more, and more, and then are unable to take a true transition step, that is clear cut, once and for all. And I was doing it more in terms of trying to sift and sort.

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