The Comeback

One way to think of having greater consciousness is in the thousand-foot view of a person who has let go of personal ego limitations and expanded their consideration to the universal. But there is also the aspect of being more conscious, in the sense of knowing when something has been triggered in us, an old pattern, or pain, or bias. In this case, our consciousness allows us to make different decisions, and not be operating on automatic pilot. And this process helps us in our quest for greater consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my last dream, I was observing a person who was unconscious in a hospital. And I was looking at what it would take to bring them out of that condition. And that it would have to be something different than what was currently going on, in terms of the hospital scenario.

And that’s the only snippet that I can think of, or look at. I suppose if I had sat down maybe and tried to write it up more it would have more meaning, or more to it. The thing that I make out of this is that the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with involvement. The meditation dream is really loud about it because it shows the effect of when you get off into something, in a carried-away way, that you do something that affects the molecular nature of your body. 

Well, that loudness was just taken out in terms of the conscious dream, or the sleep dream, in which there was something that needed to be brought back from wherever it was at. 

And because I know what the theme of the dreaming was, what is being implied is that when you get involved in some aspect, or sense, with your attention, or your self in an outer capacity way, that what you really are is unconscious, so to speak, to an inner depth. Because when you are abstracted, in some sense, your abstractness of your nature throws you into an identification that isn’t the stillness.

And that, what I was seeing in a sleep was like in a place, that, in terms of a need for it to come back to this side, wasn’t possible, or didn’t seem possible because the coming back, even though that was the important thing to happen, because otherwise it was out of here, so to speak, in terms of conditions of things having gotten the best of it, the importance of it coming back would have been to contend with, or look at, or deal with an aspect of things on this side. 

And so what I was also looking at was that if it were to open its eyes and come back, that you would have to take a different view, for example, to see what there was that had changed. Because reflective to the condition that it was in, when it was unconscious, would be different than it would be if it came back, because there would be something about that.

And that would be interesting what that would be, because it would be one way when it was unconscious and checked out, maybe another way if it consciously woke up to come back. And, whatever that component was would be of interest on a scientific level. So that was my sleep dream.

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