The Inner Loop

Only in a purely energetic form are we impervious to the vagaries of life. As humans, we are constantly aware of the weather, the pressure from the culture, from people, and from obligations, plus our own internal pressures. Even the land we live on, the ground itself and what’s deep below, can have an effect on our moods and mannerisms. As we evolve, we can consciously alleviate some of these pressures by being aware of them, but not being swayed by them. In the living of that is where freedom is found. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream and your dream both are dreams that deal with an aspect on which one is found in the breath. 

And, in my aspect of the breath, there is the issue of timing, and then what that looks like in terms of the change – when the timing is invoked in terms of something coming from unconscious into the wakened outer space. But the movement is one of out-breath, of masculine, and it has a timing quality to it. 

In your particular case, you are looking at the overallness, which is the in-breath. And you’re looking at the components of spaciousness, and that it has to have an inclusiveness, an embracing inclusiveness. Essentially, what I keep seeing is happening, is that any kind of qualified identification on the breath, leaves one in this yo-yo journeying effect of trying to put the in-breath and the out-breath, and all of that together, and trying to get it to a point where there’s a total letting go, and you go into the stillness. 

Now, the thing that one has to denote is the stillness was presented in one fell swoop inside of us. As if one could take that in, and on, in one fell swoop. That is possible. But then it’s recognized that we are in the physical and that we work with the breath, and that everything around us is the breath. And so we can’t really, for some reason, take and do the 99.999 times percent inside of ourselves, which is: be the overallness and all-inclusiveness of everything that is, which is then just in the stillness and lets go of all this stuff: pretty darn difficult. 

And so because it’s like that now we are seeing aspects, and learning tidbits, about the direness of the strait that one is in, when one is caught in the breath – in some aspect or another. 

In my particular case, it’s almost like a curiosity, or whatever, or trying to make timing work. In your particular case, it’s the trying to make the overallness more all-inclusive. And the idea of trying to make the timing work on my part involves the opening up of something then that’s in a spaciousness; when this thing opens its eyes, and whatnot, that it’s dealing with the spatial orientation of being awake in the reflectiveness, and the outer, of life.

In your particular case the idea of getting something to accept the greater overallness, or sense that you know is important, because if it doesn’t there is something that pangs or doesn’t quite fit is an aspect, again, of trying to make a pent-up timing come through as a recognition, which, then, is to correspond to a greater overallness. 

So what we’re doing is that we are dreaming in various ways about what it’s like to be this way, or that way, on the breath. My meditation dream provided another set of information, in terms of how one can invoke something with such an intensity that it impacts the molecular nature of your being, which causes then a feedback loop inside of yourself that is played out in the outer. And then just how that is, which is like a report, how that is in terms of being in and under a spell that has to run its course.

Whenever something is at the epitome of an extreme it is driving itself crazy. And it is delving into something that causes its molecular nature to be whiplashed in some regard or another. The living of that, and the going through that, should lead to a qualification of how it is that you’re slamming your molecular structure, and that that, then, haunts you.

The meditation dream was about what this does to you when you are like that. Or, because it’s my dream, it factors me in, in terms of what it’s like for me to be someone that malarkey’s with that a little bit, teases with that, and what that does in terms of dumbing something down in terms of yourself. That was a very interesting report.

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