The Greater Game

We’ve heard about the Butterfly Effect felt around the world, and seen how ripples in a pond reach every edge, but do we really embrace the idea for ourselves and how our moods and emotions affect the people and environment around us? It can be easy to lose our consciousness about this in the moment, but this is the meeting point of us being part of the fabric of life – as a conscious contributor – or being forever separate, even though we have a responsibility to the quality of the ecology. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I found myself looking at two teams who are about to play each other again. Previous meetings have resulted in a lot of points scored. Those games have had a significant effect upon manifestation. In other words, what goes on in these games somehow or another affects the outer. 

At first you don’t think of it, but then all of a sudden, when you turn and you look at these things, you can see that there’s an unconsciousness in that, there’s things coming out, and that there have been changes in the unfoldment. In other words, it’s going to be slightly different now that they play again, because something has evolved over time.

But, nevertheless, then it causes me to be able to glance at this and see that the effect has been something that has been fairly profound in terms of life. And now something is a little different, and how is that going to be in terms of the profoundness of life? In other words, the effect has been interesting. What’s interesting is that a loss would set the unfoldment of a consciousness into life into a type of denseness, which means there would be a sadness and something would kind of shut down. 

And then I anticipate a win, however, in terms of the situation, and that’s when, by looking at the context of what a loss would be like and what a win would be like, I come to realize that there’s a lot resting upon the result of this game; a lot resting in terms of how the outer is going to be looking at itself.

And things are tenuous in each direction. In other words, either way it’s very intense. I mean, that’s just how it is when you’re caught in something in the intensity. And it’s tenuous either way, you either get more carried away about how something can unfold, or you go into kind of a rearguard action of having to catch your breath and go about life as usual, having been whiplashed out to an extreme. Now, you can’t go indulgent in that extreme anymore, because it’s over, if there’s a loss. 

And the whole sense of the deeper dreaming was that there was something about that that really permeated into life. And then, in terms of the meanings, how I start to catch up with how this all has a kind of molecular quality to it, that you’ve done, based upon a slamming down intensity that you have earmarked in terms of your being. 

So the meditation dream is pointing out that strong reactions project an intense vibration into the fabric of life. In this dream, I’m taking responsibility for the way an unfoldment is unfolding. In other words, what a ridiculous responsibility when it’s related to something like a game. And yet, somehow or another, there is a greater game, I can feel this game can have an effect upon how it is that something shifts, or changes, or comes across in the outer.

So the approach requires a focus that is steady and sure-fire. I have seen a copy of the playback in each way; I can know what it’s like if it unfolds a little more unconsciously or subconsciously, and what it’s like if it unfolds with a little more intense dynamic coming through in the outer. 

So this is addressing how something just goes sploosh is, in relationship to what is abided in, within. That you can abide in the synapses of the intensity of something that got slammed into life, which is the molecular identification of the hoopla over the team, you could abide in that, and that can be your consciousness, or you can somehow or another take that somewhere else.

But however it is you are abiding in that, and then comes the play. Then comes the context of the breath, the in-breath and the out-breath. And so this is what this dream has drilled down on. There is the molecular structure of stuff, and in that molecular structure of stuff is biofeedback that comes out of that, out of the synapses of that. 

What comes out in terms of the ridiculousness of whether this happens or that happens, in terms of the contest of two teams or something, the two teams being the variables inside of oneself in terms of an aspect of an in-breath team and an out-breath team are the living out of something in regards to manifestation. 

That’s not something that I should have any kind of overt viewpoint or opinion, one way or another, about, as if I have a right to be reactive and surprised in this, that, or the other because I know how that’s going up and down, and this and that, and to and fro, because I can feel it already inside of me. So when I get the memo, there is no memo of any consequence.

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