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We often look at the specifics of things, at the details. We put our focus directly on them and exclude what is in the surrounding area. But perhaps the universe is looking to bring things together, to let us see how everything works together and is not isolated. When we begin to see these deeper relationships we can become better participants in the conscious unfolding of life and our role within it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream. In this dream I’ve been retired, and now I’m going to go back to work.

And I go back to work in a hospital that seems to be set in a kind of tropical area, at least there’s lots of vegetation around. And when I go back to this hospital building, I see that my office is going to be apart from where the other therapist’s offices are. So it’s going to be right out in one of the hospital wings. 

And I start out by just going in and finding people to introduce myself to because I’m new, and I’m a little bit apart from where the other therapists are. And I can see that, this being a hospital, the doctors aren’t sure yet whether they need a therapist to work with, or not, to refer patients to. 

Because of that, I decide that I’ll start out with talking to some of them about some light hypnosis that I do for people that are going through surgery so that they have a better surgical outcome as a way of just introducing some of the things I can do. Also, I have a sense that I need to find where the other office is; it’s kind of crowded and convoluted, in terms of how the building is, so I am initially trying to find my way around, plus find out where the doctors are and introduce myself.

I think there’s even a doctor that’s going to go through surgery, so maybe I could work with him, initially, to show him what I do. But there’s a sense of starting fresh, because nothing’s really set up yet for me to just go in and start work.

John: This is a dream in which you’ve taken a particular thought and you’ve brought it into the scenario and into a manifestation. And you’re looking to see how it is that you can take this thought and immerse it into the environment of the outer.

What you’re describing on the level that it’s at is it’s an aspect of the masculine, as a thought, that comes through and tries to find its correlation, or relatability, and what it has to offer, and its meaningfulness, in an outer capacity way.

And so, you’re seeing yourself needing to live this out to present this as something that is deemed viable, and needed, to convince that which is in the collective of the importance and value of something like this, for purposes of integrating this into the collective. And this is what you are taking on as a demeanor that you have chosen from a deeper stillness, or quality within, to live out, act out, and do – in what you feel a distinctive, meaningful way – in the outer. 

So the flow is easy to see. But the reason one has a dream like this is to catch up with what’s involved when you take and put a focus and attention, in a very focused and delineated way,

to note what that is like, in terms of how it resonates as an expression in the heart. In other words, you need to look at this, or you are doing this, and you’re creating this world that is this, and you’re doing it in a schematic in which there is a greater heartfulness that is the overall of everything, and that you are distinguishing this little aspect within that overallness that is the heart.

And that the reason for doing this is for you to take note of what that is like inside of yourself, this microcosmic effect within the macrocosmic of it all, because you are engaged in a sensory projection, if you want to call it a thought, that is coming into the wholeness. And so it’s like a puzzle,you’re to determine how to do this in the least overt way that still embodies and takes in the entire collective. 

In other words, you’re sitting there trying to see, first of all, the distinctness of yourself has something to offer in terms of what is kind of needed. And you’re pondering how all of that is able to get to a point where it opens up so that all of that becomes inclusive. 

The way that that has to become inclusive, is not in a weaponized sense, but if there was a sense in which it was just part of the whole sensory overallness and wholeness, that is the all-inclusive heart, but the dilemma is that because this flickered out of the heart, to what degree can it be reabsorbed back into the heart so that it can do both? 

For example, I have seen that one can get into a particular depth, in which everything that happens can just be there. And it doesn’t have to be any big deal this way or that way. In other words, you don’t need to delve into it in some sort of definitional capacity way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do that. In other words, you can take something that’s in the overall, you can stare at it more directly in terms of specifics of things. And then the next thing you know, you’re caught up in indulgences that cause you to have to endure what that’s all about in relationship to the collective maze of things, as opposed to just being a quality that has a sensor-like nature, within the overall, that is no different than anything else in the overall because you don’t pull it out in a self-indulgent way, which then causes a pinging and panging sensation to have to hit the heart because it is a waywardness. 

So you’re having this dream in order to kind of catch up with that sort of meaningfulness. But, to do so, you have to let go of the significance, the distinguished significance, in order for it all just to be in a oneness and wholeness as it’s meant to be.

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