A Hidden Code

There are many things to break free from during the course of a life: limitations of the past, fears, psychologies, and many more. But the fundamental process for breaking free is that we are not our bodies, we are spiritual beings in a physical body – and that understanding makes all the difference. And, like everything else that lives, everything we need to know about what we are, and what we are here to do, is encoded into us, for us to discover along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I see myself as being a prisoner, in kind of a prison camp, in which I have a cell that I can actually step out of. It has a little corridor to the cell. As long as you don’t go too much beyond the corridor, no one really kind of notices you – which is not being able to move around very much – but you can step out of the cell. If you’re careful; if you don’t push it too far. 

But, even so, there is nowhere to go. The prison itself is located in the middle of nowhere, even if you were to push it, so what? So what this does is it causes you to look at your resolve to break free, in order to try to shift this into something more than what is self-deceptive, and kind of an imagining, that isn’t real. In other words, imagining that you might escape or something. 

And, also in this dream, there is also a prisoner in this prison cell that acts more like an emissary, kind of can go back and forth. So as I’m kind of in this little corridor area, suddenly he comes around one of the corners, sees me outside of the cell, and kind of pushes me back into the cell – for my own overall well being. He tells us, because he’s like the emissary that can go back and forth, he tells us that there is something about to happen that will involve us, and it comes as a bit of a surprise because how can we be involved when we’re in a prison cell? 

He says that the allies are going to drop bombs, and that the difference this time, in terms of the bombing, is that included in the bombs, or amidst the bombs, or somehow or another, part of the bombing is a code that’s being dropped for us to find. In other words, the act of bombing is an event that, this time, has something to do with us. In other words, it’s different than bombing and being in a helpless condition from whatever it is happening around one. It’s a little different this time because there’s this code that is for us to find.

I don’t know how we’re going to find it because we are in jail and everything. So the emissary doesn’t explain that part, because it’s obvious from where we stand: we’re out of the loop, and we’re away from everything, unable to contend with what is actually going on in the bigger picture. 

So the purpose of the dream is, even when ideas reach out in a deep-down way, as a hope, that fact held within isn’t necessarily a waste of time, in spite of outer appearances, because deep within us is a hidden code, embedded, that reveals what everything is all about.

Or, another way of saying it, it is possible to be in a cell, or, in other words, out of the loop, and have access within to an effect that is able to reach somewhere. And this inner unfoldment is depicted as being an invisible code that is able to exist somehow; the best word I can use is etherically – because how else do I get it? – from a repressed spaciality I find myself trapped in.

What I’m saying is, from within a confinement, it is possible to access something more. Although this can sound absurd, it is possible if I am able to probe within the confines of my being whether this can go anywhere. In other words, “what do you do with it?” is a big question because, under current circumstances, that which is within, that is percolating like a hidden inner code that one can access, upon doing so, when you look about, wherever I look, there is no way to bring this out in any regard – because you’re in prison; you’re confined. Or, you could say that this could be describing a stage of where a person is at, on a path, where a coming out into the outer, or into the open, is a step that has yet to be revealed.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Hidden Code

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