The Heart is There

It seems a strong impulse in humans to improve things. And each person, in their way, may try to improve things for others. Yet we must always be conscious of where the urge comes from within us: is it from the brain? Is it from the psychologies? Is it from the emotions? Each of these places inside have their own agenda, based on various factors. That’s why it is said to “listen to the heart,” because the heart responds from a higher guidance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: You can also say this is what a lot of people are doing. They’re trying to change the world, and they don’t accept the way things are thought-wise coming out, so they’re trying to take that into something that’s of a different orientation, which is a timelessness. Nor do they accept the setting that they find themselves in. So they’re trying to change and shift that – this is the container energy – which is a spaciousness.

But they don’t know how to do this by being still, they haven’t reached that part of an awareness yet. So they’re still functioning in an actionable way. And you can feel this actionability, and you can feel the substance of that, and that becomes nauseating. Well, what it becomes is it becomes something that you feel on the heart, and you just assume that because you feel this suffering, or whatever it is, to the heart, you just assume that that’s just the way that it is, it comes with the territory or something.

But no, no, no. The heart is there, reflecting like it is reflecting, to point out that you’re doing something wrong. The heart’s not there to maintain some sort of rearguard action against you, it’s on your side, it’s not against you. And so when you’re wayward and trying to impose upon the heart, you have to pay attention why it is that the heart acts like it acts, it’s not doing that because it doesn’t know any better, or that it needs to be trained to be different, or something, which is another spiritual illusion. 

So there is this saying, on earth as it is in heaven, or a saying that, the kingdom of heaven lies within. And both of those statements require a letting-go of an actionability that stifles the heart. Our true role, in manifestation, which makes this a better place – because so many people are into making something in an actionable way a better place – has to do and because it’s all goal-oriented, so let’s pretend and stay with the goal-oriented scheme works, so if there is a goal-oriented term, then such a thing is accessible only in the all-pervasive stillness.

An all-pervasive stillness is the action that is actionless. This being a mirror of the created to the Creator, and the Creator to the created. From a mystical way of speaking, the Creator comes into creation as an out-breath. And the created goes back to the Creator as an in-breath. And this journeying stops and there’s nothing but stillness. That’s the bigger step. That’s the meditation dream.

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