The Proper Setting

Everything seeks a conducive environment. Seagulls live near the ocean, frogs like the water, and lizards like the desert. If we really want to talk to someone we’ll go to a calm and quiet place where we won’t be disturbed. Energies follow these rules as well. If we are too noisy on an inner level, the subtle guidance can be lost to us. And, similarly, we can’t process the deepest parts of ourselves if we are distracted and caught up in outer details. We need to make time for things, but we also need to make space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, I have this need to access what lies dormant, that amounts to a number of scroll-like objects that I find located in kind of an awkward, or wayward, location. 

So when I find and notice that I’m in this awkward place, and find the objects that are there interesting, but the setting uncomfortable, I see that something is stifled, or not able to come through. 

Now, I’m sure that there is this whole story behind getting to this place where the objects I need to figure out are located. It happened inside of me last night, but I can’t recall it. What I recall is that I need to move what I’m finding in this place to a location which has a quieter setting, or freer location, because I feel that the location where these scrolls are at is not environmentally conducive to what needs to happen. 

What needs to happen is what’s in those scrolls needs to open up. And it can’t open up, for some reason, in the environment that they were located in, or I found them in. I mean, maybe they could, to some degree, but it would be a painful process to have to try to do it that way. 

So I see myself moving what appears to be a whole bunch of different scrolls from where I am finding them to another spot that is more out of the way and at ease. Had I delved into the secret objects where I found them, to do so would involve contending with an awkward setting. In other words, that’s how the heart would have taken it, it would have felt jammed. 

So in moving them I’m moving them to a place where I don’t go flat, or lose interest. I would lose interest in where I found them, something just doesn’t flow in the right way there. And when I move what I need to delve into to this other scenario setting, what seems to happen is my focus and concentration gets accentuated. And the setting that had existed, it is as if there is a stigma in the way. 

So it’s like you might say, as a scenario, trying to look at what kind of scenario would trigger something like this, I’m using this dream to point out that there is something wrong about Era’s setup that interferes with the unfoldment process. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with looking to unfold, now, it’s just that the setup isn’t right; the control, or something about that, isn’t right. 

And then, if you apply this in a deeper way, it’s like in the outer from the parameters and the reference points that we have in the outer, in terms of trying to sort something out in an outer context way – that’s not the proper setting. The proper setting lies at a deeper depth within. We have to take what is reflective in the outer, and we have to find the clarity awakening from within. 

So this is what happens every night when I dream in meditation; when I go into meditation. In that, the first thing that happens is I go into a kind of a stillness, I don’t know how I do it, I just do. And then when I go into a stillness, something happens. And that which happens, happens in this other place, this other depth inside of myself. And then I’m challenged to understand or to read that, which means that it doesn’t happen with the clarity that is needed in the outer, because that’s not the right setting for it to happen. 

Maybe that’s because everything in the outer is of a projective nature. And that when you go to the inner, you’re going to more of the source of yourself. And so then something can happen when you’re at the epicenter, or something. That’s also what this dream is kind of saying in its greater generic way. 

In other words, we have a tendency of applying it in our wounded way that still keeps us going in circles in some sort of bifurcation. But there’s also a way of applying it in a greater general way. In other words, we can see a certain setting inside of ourselves, in terms of what’s real, in a greater generic overallness, we can see that from a depth within. To what degree can one take a shadow dynamic of that, the existing conditions of things?

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