The Grasping Point

It may seem like everything happens in a step-by-step progression as we evolve from one state to another, but it doesn’t work that way. Would the universe ever get anywhere if that were the case? The way of it is that things make progress, and, as they make incremental progress the big leap builds. At a certain point conditions are met, and the leap is made. So we won’t evolve by doing nothing, but it’s not a linear progression either. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: During the meditation dream I see myself taken from a back area, where I had been. In other words, it’s just like all of a sudden, it’s more than just being taken, I suddenly have leapt, or gone, or just been snapped, or am snapped from in the back area where you start, and I’m just kind of dropped right near the front. 

And it’s into a large crowd that I have to cope with anew. In other words, the usual vibrational aspect of this is that you go little by little. But I don’t have that luxury of going little by little, I’m just suddenly dropped towards the front, say the upper two thirds or something, and don’t have the dilemma of having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point. But I also don’t have the experiences that were involved with having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point, because somehow or another, I’m required to be at this particular point, whether I like it or not, and cope anew. 

Well, I don’t feel I know enough to be there. But nevertheless, I am intent upon making this work. Now, of course, there is the other option, which was to step back and work from the back, so to speak, from back to front in the old-fashioned way, which is step by step. But, like I say, unfortunately, in this circumstance of how I’m finding myself, I don’t have that option. There is no turning back. I must cope here, in a place where the guidance and protection is different. 

I see myself being able to move just a little bit, in terms of a sense of spaciality there, just a tiny bit. But if I move on from the back up slowly, there would be maybe a different sense of it, but not necessarily the acuity. 

So what does this mean? And what is it that I am being shown and told? And does this apply to how I am – to Chisti practices, everything that one’s going through, and what life is going through in general, too? 

Well I am being shown that I am placed into life in a position that skips certain protocols. Makes you ponder whether you’ve jumped up to where your soul left off, or something, and don’t have to go through the other which is like pounding away on nails. So, it is like catching up to something more as my point of reference. I do not have the luxury of going back, I must cope with this other grasping point. 

What this dream is also indicating is that life is meant to be at a point near the top, suggesting that the old protocols must come to this, in terms of their meaningfulness. I say that because there is a one-to-one intertwined correspondence in terms of how consciousness is linked with those similarly situated, which is the same thing as saying that this suggests that there is an opportunity, at this time, to take a big step forward to face other challenges by our beingness because we have been quickened. By quickened, I mean that access to a greater overallness is now possible. 

Taking this deeper means that in a oneness, in which stillness resides, the veils that keep us holding on to an actionability identification fall away. You could say such dynamics, where things typically unfold in a more tug-of-war way, have been shifted to a deeper recognition level.

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