A Strange Cohesion

Letting go is a curious process. When we are in a state where something has us agitated, it can feel like the biggest event of all time. Yet, in the next moment, if we have a sudden realization, or simply let go of the attachment, that feeling will disappear as quickly as it came. So, it may seem like these strong emotions are “us,” but, at a certain inner level, we can make a choice for them to be us – or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I open up a letter and am relieved to have received a certificate therein. It’s like a stock certificate in this letter. In the next instant the heart takes a huge dive, just collapses, pangs and shrinks as I go into shock over a bail-in and, or something like that, that suddenly has just happened. 

But it’s only for a split second that I’m like that because, in the next instance, I whiplash back as I denote that I have received this certificate, as evidenced in the dream, I’ve received a protection, or a rescuing or something, by the certificate that’s in my possession

Because all of this is kind of happening at an energetic level the wafts this way and that way, I’m never really sure that what’s in my possession, or the way this has unfolded, is actually right or not, because there’s such a big, big picture about things. 

So the consequence of going first zip and zap leaves me a bit flat. And so, when you’re a bit flat it has two meanings. It has an outer meaning in which the inner and the outer tend to resonate, and consequently, a shocking reflection like that could happen. In other words, you could actually have something like this take place, where everything breaks down and cracks, in terms of the outer, like a bail-in or something. 

And then there’s the inner meaning: upon an energetic level the likely scenario is that you can have a shock to the heart from within, that seems like it’s within, but it’s caused by an outer event that you experience within, that is, in a given moment, quite devastating and debilitating. 

Yet, if you look more closely, you’re relieved from that, if you have reached or realized that you’re not consumed by such actionable events, even on an energetic level, you’ve got to get to a stillness, or, otherwise, you’re still going to have an actual event. And if you’re trying to do something here, or there, or whatever, and it’s actionable, even though you’re working with time and space, in terms of trying to do it in a timeless and spaceless way, you still have an actionable activated part of yourself that’s going at this, and that, in and of itself, can cause some sort of strange cohesion. So you have to drop that actionable part. 

So I have an inner connection to fall back on. The quick whiplash nets out as a beingness that is flat, meaning still stunned and having then to denote a crack up that is like a split upon an energetic level.

The whiplash back results in a flatness; or, although it results in a flatness, maybe this is more like a stillness, as the result of a letting go of a pent-upness from within. I say this because I do not know what to truly make out of such an intense whiplash in which I denoted a devastating crack within – before a deeper meaningfulness redeemed me from that reflective projection. It means I can experience something inside the stillness, so you don’t buy into so much of the outer attempts to get there, or something.

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