An Unimaginable Depth

Going into an unimaginable depth can only be done through trust, faith, and letting go, because how else could we get there? To take the linear path, step by step, verifying all along the way the solidness of what is before us, would require that we live for centuries. No, at some point we must believe that the unknown we want to dive into will support us and guide us, and, in that belief is the action of putting aside our personal wish to control, and ceding that into the arms of the wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then all of this gets put together in the fourth dream. So you have to incorporate all that you’ve learned in these first three, the meditation dream, and these two, to get to the fourth dream. 

And this dream starts out with me seeking help in a foreign way. By foreign, what I am working with involves a non-personal extraneous action; which means I’m apparently working with something that’s misshaped, or projective. 

When suddenly there is a shift to where the action is deemed connective to me, or personal, meaning the attention is upon what I am about in terms of an unfoldment process. In other words, that’s what I mean by personal, this is a part of a process that has me sucked into, absorbed into. 

And that is when I’m able to recognize a deeper depth. When what I was doing had an extraneous projection about it, I couldn’t get the heart into it. To be able to work with propulsion within a timelessness and spaciousness has to do with who I am. Therefore, the heart, when I am who I am, gets quickened. I’m able to let go of improper objectified perspectives, projections, there in the outer, and attune the heart to noting an unfathomable spaciousness, and unfathomable timelessness. 

And the image of this occurring is that of a round tube that is suddenly elongated in a depth that is unimaginable. In other words, first I look into this tube, and then, all of a sudden, the tube just starts elongating. You can’t see the depth that this tube just elongates to. So I have a sense that there’s a round ball, that I never see, that goes and goes and goes and goes and goes somewhere into the depths of this tube. It’s in there somewhere, that fits the tube, in it’s roundness, perfectly, and exists in an unimaginable depth within.

It seems to have its intended, all-pervasive effect, as a potential propensity scoped into this unfathomable depth within; just sucked right into this unfathomable depth within. Although there is the anticipation, which is the outer projection part of oneself where thoughts happen, although there is the anticipation of something visible possible, I’m coming to know that just perceiving the inner depth, in which everything in the outer is absorbed, is as good as it gets. Which is the same thing as saying that everything in the outer is a projection, that, in a oneness, there is the sweeping up of all projections. The round ball, that I do not see but impute to be, is my symbolic reference. I could try to create an objectified oneness. 

So, to put it all together, the scoping to an inner depth that transcends a spaciousness is the dream with the woman who is in my heart after 30 years, symbolically speaking. And the fetching of an open bottle of wine that is to be put on a tab is timelessness. And the inner suspense behind what exists in an outer observable capacity is the meditation dream. Those three come together to portray the unfathomable depths of stillness, symbolically imaged as a tube in which everything returns to the unfathomable depths of this all-absorptive whole, or tube, or innerness, or stillness.

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