Something Evolves

It has often been described that great athletes have an ability to “slow the game down,” meaning that they are so in the flow of things that they can see more and have more time to react. In our journey, we can often feel speeded up when we are connected to higher energies, and this can disconnect us from the slow pace of mundane things: we might feel a bit more clumsy, or we forget the order of the very procedure that we do every day. That is the sign of a transition – we’re not in the higher yet, but we’re also not fully in the lower aspect either. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So if I do the dream that was kind of like yours, it goes something like this: I know that everyone is connected to all there is in their heart, but not necessarily with the same general acuity. I may be a genius in a particular way, but veiled in another. It is for this reason that we need each other, so to speak, even in a oneness. 

For example, to go home, I am unable to go to where my car is parked, nor do I know what color it is. I lack a sensation function, in the outer, that’s very developed in most people. I can see and experience occasions of vibration in a very highly developed way. But when it comes to something simple like recognizing my whereabouts in a linear setting, such as finding a car everyone knows about but me, I can be blind, so to speak, as this part of my sensation function in this area is not grabbing the attention away from this other area of vibrational acuity. 

I’m able to access vibrations in a memorable way with an acuteness in the heart that transcends the denser aspects of time and space of manifestation. However, in doing so, I lack the faculties, in many instances, to a denser time and space orientation. 

So what is going on is, in both the meditation dream and sleep dream, I am reporting upon a condition of consciousness that is speeded up from general outer conditions that are more natural to others. It is like another stream of evolution, so to speak, because I am not immersed in a denser orientation as associated with most human beings. They have found this to be more so for them, the denser orientation, and I have found this other, in terms of the heart, to be of a different significance that I put my attention to. 

And then there are other parts of the heart that I don’t, that aren’t quickened. So to put the observation into blunt terms, this is how things have evolved. This has nothing to do with anything other than that. The idea of there being entities of vibrational existence, outside of oneself, is a convenient way of playing dumb from what one has accessed, in a responsible way, in a certain modality within themselves. 

From this dream, the absurdity of deferring consciousness to spiritual elders outside of ourselves is made laughable – when you can look at something mundane like that, as if now you need the help of the spiritual elders. And, of course, I see a lot of confusion in that because oftentimes the teacher will describe it as if climbing a ladder, so to speak, where you drop one thing in order to gain access to another. You go through doors or something. 

Because, in my case, if that were true, in terms of there being something else going on, I would need the hierarchy to help me find a colored car, that everyone already knows about but me, in a common parking lot. 

So, does it work only one way? Or does it work both ways? I mean, there’s kind of a common joke, in terms of trying to portray this, that some people have a phone line that works in both directions with God. Well, when it works in both directions with God, then they can be the overallness, I suppose, too. They’re aspiring to be the perfect human being, and that perfect human being is connected to everything in life, everything vibrational in life. 

Or be more of a perfect human being, or more connected to a hierarchy? See, this is a good way of trying to… it’s a false humility is what it really is, because it either evolves like this or it doesn’t evolve like this, and we have nobody to blame, or to look to, but ourselves in terms of how something evolves. And we like to think that we are children, I guess.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Something Evolves

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