On Probation

When we think about addicts, or of being addicted to something, it implies that when exposed to a certain thing a person can no longer be trusted – they can’t control themselves. On our spiritual path, we are trying to elevate, and elevating, or being finer, means that we can’t be as “coarse” in certain ways (determined specifically by the territory we are approaching). This dream lays out this scenario, in that the dreamer is trying to control herself during a probationary period. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had a kind of long dream and, in this dream, it seems like I was something like a probation officer. And initially I get called down to, I think it’s something like a halfway house, to talk to this girl, or woman, actually, because I think I’m like middle-aged in this, to start working with her so that she won’t end up back in jail. 

I have to meet with her, check out who her friends are, and is she actually going to work and getting a job because half the time they go back to doing whatever they were doing before that ended them up in jail. That seems to go okay. 

But then some time goes by, and I’m called down to start working with this man, who maybe stole cars or did something that’s ended him up in jail. And it’s partly a problem for me because I find him quite attractive. So I try to avoid being alone with him. But I seem to end up working with him, at times, where he lives. And he lives in a household with women, like an aunt, and mother, people like that. And I go over to visit him once, and it’s like he has to hide me in the closet because I don’t want anyone to know I’m actually going to see him in his room, even though I’m keeping my distance from him. And because the aunt and the grandmother come in the room I kind of check them out, and some of them seem to see me, and some don’t. 

I have a sense that I’m married, and maybe I’ve even become a judge, but I still continue to do some of his probation work, and I’m still working with him. And there’s still a strong attraction between the two of us. I’m still not sure he’s staying away from activities that would end him up back in jail. 

So as a move to make sure that doesn’t happen, I have him almost like kidnapped or taken to this island, and on this island they run some kind of really strict program that they put you through and it’s a type of program that would keep you out of jail. But I can’t seem to handle the separation from him, so I go to the island to be with him. 

We go off by ourselves, and we want to go swimming in a certain area. And suddenly there’s this boat of people we know coming to rescue us because we didn’t know it, but the area that we chose to go swimming has sharks in the water. And the sharks have actually attacked us and cut both of us up, but our friends get there in time to save us. That was the whole dream. 

John: So this is a dream in which there’s a part of yourself that is in what’s called a testing zone, or probation zone. In other words, it’s like where you’re able to have certain experiences inside of yourself to see how you handle those experiences. It’s a probationary area because you haven’t let go of all of the things that one has to release, or be still and move away from – before one can be in this area in a non-probationary way. 

And the dream is pointing out that the reason why it continues to be a probation is that there is a part of yourself that you can’t trust, that has an addiction, or an affliction, that somehow or another you hold on to. So a part of you sees something, recognizes something, but can’t fully stay with it, or be with it; it’s of a probationary sense because there is a part of yourself that still is holding out in some other capacity of a type of need, or desire, or want and then it never goes away. That it will draw it and, if you put your attention to it, it draws you into isolation and into danger. 

And the idea of something like sharks, or whatever, it’s a quality of danger that is associated with a mood or a mannerism, that you’re holding on to, that triggers this kind of reflective imagery. 

So it’s an interesting dream because it’s pointing out that it’s almost as if there is a type of dispensation that enables something to be experienced, but it’s not something that can be experienced in a long-lasting way because you have a wayward nature that keeps flickering in the background. And when and if that were to live itself out it would take you back into a type of amnesia, or loss of recognition, of a quality of depth that you flicker and play with in a probationary way. 

In other words, the two don’t work hand in hand; one tends to veil the other. Or the understanding of one causes a revealing that comes as a sacrifice to the other. And this contrast, this tug-of-war contrast, doesn’t seem to be something that subsides.

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Visionary Sight

Animals know in the summer if it will be a cold winter. They are the first to pick up on earthquakes or tsunamis. Trees on one side of the forest can communicate with trees on the other side. Are we to believe that we, as humans, the most complex and sophisticated design of them all, is less sensitive, or less connected, to our environment – energetically? We’re not, we only have let this capability languish through disuse. On our journey we can turn these faculties back on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I come to bed and I have the dream in which I have a hay field in which the amount of monies that I am entitled to receive, for this hay crop that’s being leased, will exceed the purported production. 

Whenever the situation is that extreme, I’m entitled to treble damages, which means I’m being cheated in some fashion when the production I’m meant to believe is going to be happening out of the hay field, in reality, should be what my cut is. So I’m being deceived.

Somehow I know this to be the situation, that it’s like this, without even seeing it; I can feel that there’s something more coming about. I am not there to look at the hay on this hay field to confirm this for myself. A person in the area, however, confirms that I am right, as he points out that there are other benefits dormant in the hay field, that are pent up, that are accessible. 

And the meaning of this is this is a dream that applies visionary sight. I am not physically seeing the hay field, for example, yet I know. A visionary can tell what is unfolding by being able to read subtle vibrations in the oneness and can tell when there is a bifurcation painful to the heart. 

Bifurcations can seem fairly innocuous, but when the energetic diversions cause one to stop what they are trying to do, this is because a much more important principle is affected in the oneness. To watch the heart is to denote that everything is intertwined. To have access outside of time and space, to an actionable futuristic visualization is to access a subtleness that is being accommodated by the collective consciousness of manifestation. 

Or to say this another way, there is a deeper consciousness that stops forcing things, lets go of projections, and, in doing so, reads and experiences how it is that the heart is designed. Stillness is there to transmute subtle vibratoriness in the collective consciousness of manifestation, and because we seem to be having to make something out of it, it can be transmuted into a revelation, or it can be transmuted into a visualization of a free flowing without the denseness of time and space in the way. 

So the question to be asked of the stillness, facetiously speaking, is: where are we going, consciously, given the current conditions of things, economics, being unsustainable, for example, and the environment past the tipping point, what’s up? 

And as a basis for asking this question, it should be noted that however you look and whatever consciousness you employ, we all sense that a change is afoot. So when it’s like that, what does that do? It kind of puts you in a type of full stop, doesn’t it? And even if you don’t quite do a full stop, you recognize that you’re just going around, watching yourself getting clubbed a little bit. Because what’s meant to be, or whatever is coming, or however it is, is not where we’re at, that a shift has to be made. 

And it’s inside of us. We just have to catch it. It’s time for that to open up inside. And that the other aspects that may have been very, very wonderful and productive, and a great unfoldment in and of themselves, you can’t just stay with that anymore. It has to progress. And even science points all this out by pointing out that man is confronted with more than what they have had to ever deal with since the inception of time up to 2003. You’ve got to shift in order to handle that. You can’t stay backwards in this ungrown-up capacity anymore.

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Already There

Our brain is a great friend and companion on our journey through life, but it is not intuitive and all-seeing. We have higher senses, intuitions if you like, that work far faster than our brain, which can guide us through unknown terrain far better than the brain. When we listen to these intuitions, we are closer to the flow of life because they give us an up-to-the-minute reading of what is happening from a bird’s-eye perspective. And it may be more important than ever that we should put our focus to this aspect of our consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I’m taking this quality of where you visualize something as something that you catch up with, at a deeper depth inside of yourself, from a stillness point inside of yourself, because everything in the outer seems to be at odds, in that it’s reflective, as a bifurcation from the stillness. 

So what I am seeing is that we need to figure out how to cope when we are caught in an illusionary projective vibratoriness that is outside of the stillness. And so the current way that a person on the spiritual path connects with trying to understand how to be is that they come to recognize that everything that is happening in the present hints to something more – revelationally.

And that was kind of like the first part of your dream, that you had a sense of a revelational, in a little bit more than the revelational now, almost a pent up visualization inside of yourself, so that the outer pictures, the outer functionality, was no longer something you could buy into because you could tell that this other was quickened.

Well, as I see it, current conditions are such that we seem to dip in and out of a kind of revelational awareness of something more. Sometimes we can see it in little synchronicities in the outer and such, but by and large it’s not a fluid connection to the intertwined oneness. We just get maybe a little glimmers and senses of so much more, but, basically, we’re bifurcated from the intertwinement by some sort of choice, or mannerism, in our nature. 

And so a spiritual path, and the spiritual paths, that exist seem to be working upon recognizing a grace, and a forgiveness, and a letting go, and all of that that leads to a recognition of so much more, still more or less based upon the principle of revelation. And we tend to notice, correctively, when something isn’t appropriate or right, we tend to notice something in which there’s kind of an unconscious effect, or a response that kind of comes up out of the blue, that kind of causes one to react, or to shift a little bit. Not consciously, but kind of, I don’t know what the word is, it’s almost like just like the heart beats and you don’t think about it. Automatically, or whatever it is. 

And that sort of thing, when it comes up, also is pointing out that something isn’t right. It’s pointing out that you’re still too gapped out from what is real as an overall all-inclusiveness of your being, a oneness in the essence, intertwined essence. 

So you’re gapped out from that somehow or another. And so what happens is these surprises, and these surprises are generally not pleasant. They’re not pleasant because there is a subtle tension, a subtle imbalance, that causes this other sort of thing to flicker. 

So this is like an in-between condition – all of this beckoning to another shift in consciousness. And the shift in consciousness that it is beckoning towards is a shift in which, instead of taking and looking at things as they are unfolding, you already know what’s going to unfold. There is nothing to be figured out. There’s nothing to go through, you already know. It’s as if, maybe to put it into words, it’s as if you have caught up with the subtleness that comports with and is accepted by the collective consciousness, so that it can unfold in the outer and have a time aspect quality to it that is futuristic, which is visionary now. It’s as if it’s like that.

Or is it just the nature of the overall intertwined oneness and stillness, that when you listen to it, and catch up with it, and quit having these equivocations inside of yourself that this other is just readily apparent? That you can see where things are going. That you can tell how something is going to unfold. 

So this is kind of putting words to what it was that I’m sensing, and was experiencing inside. And I woke up trying to write it up as if it was dictated to me and I had to poke at it, because I was shown like a one, two, and three. And then the third is something that you know, pre the fact, as if one has to make a shift in consciousness so that you recognize this stuff without a time and space to have to noodle in it. And to have to play it out; that you already are on top of it, you already are there. 

Maybe this is the greater glorification of the essence of things, I don’t know. But that was like the sense that this had to be there. That this was a higher octave of revelation. That one had to shift it to where they had this cognition of a visualization. 

So it even had me thinking and looking at the higher octave of thought, that the higher octave of thought is a type of sight. And it’s a type of sight that permeates, that transcends, that isn’t caught in a time and space modality that has it all watered out, or bifurcated. There’s still an actionable in something like this; that was the other thing that I noticed, there is still an actionable quality to be able to note something in a visualized way. 

This is an aspect of beingness, however, that in order for it to exist you cannot be attempting to shift things, you can’t be attempting to do things, you can’t be attempting to make things different. You can’t have your ideas of what would make for a better modality in the outer, and you can’t be trying to gear this better modality in the outer because as long as you have that you have something in-between being able to visualize and just see how something is going to be.

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