A Driven Propensity

The urge to take responsibility for things is a good one. But, as with all of our intentions, we can elevate our reasoning. We can take responsibility because we know no one else will, or we’ve developed a pattern to do so, or many other reasons. But an elevated view of responsibility is to always seek to improve the world, or situation, we find, because that’s what the universe is also trying to do in all situations. When we pattern ourselves after universal laws and logic, we move closer to the flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, for some reason, I only remember the last scene of my last dream. And, in that scene, it’s like I’ve gone downstairs where I’m living. And even though I have to go out somewhere soon, because I think it’s time for an evening meal or something, I realize that there’s this row of laundry machines, and there’s all this laundry I have to do. 

And that I must have even come down and started something because there’s some wet clothes on the floor. And so even though my time may be limited, I’m suddenly picking up those wet clothes and putting them into one of the machines and trying to get organized, because I realized that if I want to get things done that I really do have to get the laundry done. 

Even if no one thinks I have any time, I just have to start picking up that room and getting the laundry taken care of. That’s the only scene I remember.

John: So the whole thing was the idea of having to do something, and just the compelled vibration of having to do that. So, well, it gives you a chance to accentuate the vibration of all of that, so that you can see to what degree it influences your ability to be at rest, or at peace.

Anything that hits our nature too loudly, in terms of what has to be done, or thoughts of this, that or the other, puts pressure on how it is that we’re able to let go. The deeper the involvement, the greater, you might say, the illusion of it all, in terms of how one finds themselves having to indulge.

Like the movie we saw, American Sniper, it can get to such an indulgence that you can’t even free-flow naturally, in the ordinary environment, because your synapses get affected by grooves or something that get carved into your makeup, and you can’t free-flow; that you’re on some channel and you just can’t shake it. 

So the reason for dreaming like that is to give yourself a chance to experience the degree to which you get caught up in having to carry some sort of responsibility mannerism or intensity. The idea being to note what that does to a quality of the stillness of heart that just kind of sits there somewhere. 

And you have to look at the pros and cons of the satisfaction of that. There’s a degree of satisfaction for getting something done, versus the degree to which one is intensified to having to contend to do that. You just have to look at that whole thing because somehow you sort from that to a way of doing things in a way that lets go of the driven propensity.

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