Identity Begins

If we walk a dog on a trail in the woods, we can see that it often gets distracted by a new scent, or a new noise, and then it runs off the trail to investigate. These are part of its natural instincts and urges. Humans have similar processes about a multiplicity of different things. Yet, in our spiritual journey, we can learn to explore what detours us without leaving the inner path, the stillness inside, so we’re not always running around for 10 miles of detour to cover one mile of path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m noticing that I have an inner ear, more or less figuratively speaking. In other words, I can note something from another listening center. What I mean by that is that by being attentive to how the heart is adhering to what is happening, is what using the inner, third ear, is about.

You can take and you can note, just like what you were doing in your dream, you were noting the degree to which you felt compelled to have to do this, that, or the other. In this case, it was like the idea of the responsibility of the laundry. Initially, that’s kind of like a bicycling effect going around and about in and out of things. But, ultimately, you learn to let go of more or less kind of everything that you put a degree of attention upon – you learn how to let go of the intensity that you put upon things, or at least the driven aspect of it, so to speak, because that’s what hurts the heart.

And when the heart is hurt, that means that there’s something wrong in terms of how you’re carrying yourself, or pointing your focus, that enables you to, more or less, conduct yourself more naturally. 

I guess you would say the reason why it works like that is the heart’s in touch with everything in the all-inclusive oneness. And, if it reacts negatively, then the heart is trumping the mind and its limited listening to the situation that lies before you to handle.

My motif has more of the masculine quality of like a thought energetic mobililized behind it. My way of dreaming has to do with looking at the degree to which that sort of stuff inhibits and affects the naturalness of not having that sort of thing propelling oneself this way or that.  In other words, to respond in this way, meaning to be able to let go without having the thoughts or whatever pushing oneself – to respond through the heart, primarily speaking – is to be in touch with what is happening upon a level that perceives the whole thing. 

So the purposefulness of the dream is to note what is important as an inner into outer awareness that utilizes the heart like a mirror, I know as a sinking sensation, a cringing, a reactionionariness, and a contracting. That’s with regards to a response of noticing that there is an actionable thought or something. 

In this dream, I’m being shown how it is that I am to listen. And it’s a little different when you’re looking at it in a spaciality, because you don’t have the actionable thoughts, but you have some sort of pent up intensity. And that intensity kind of keeps you from just being at ease in a letting-go way. 

And then in my sleep dream it starts out with me in a car. It’s like there’s a road that lies before me, and the road goes straight, or it goes a little to the left, or it goes a little to the right.

In this dream, somehow or another, I understand that something that goes a little to the left involves identification with the in-breath. And, to the right, there is an out-breath identification. This is just symbolic to the dream. To go straight, in terms of the symbolic of that, is the image of just a straightforward, pure, energetic flow, not necessarily meaning anything one way or another; just a straight flow. 

When it’s a little to the left and a little to the right, it’s kind of caught up in some aspect, and that aspect that it’s caught up in is the breath. So before the energetic flow, before it’s shown that there is an energetic flow, and thus the sensation that there is a light to take in, there is just a stillness. Then it starts to pent up, and then the energetic that permeates all things seeks to find the freedom to move about. 

And, when there is perception, when you have thoughts to probe with, that initiates time, that comes into existence, which is the space of things, to try and see the pure light that reflects there; as if you could see it. 

So, in the dream, because there is a veering to the right or to the left, meaning time and space are introduced into the human psyche, and, repeating again that which veers to the right has an out-breath orientation of wanting to see what is going on. And that which veers to the left is trying to energetically merge into a greater spatial orientation. 

So when I incorporate the meditation dream into the equation, the meditation dream will have the ability to hear something more – than isn’t possible if you get indulged. I’m shown that if I hold on to an inner stillness, I am attuned to the oneness within. It is when I come out of the stillness that identification begins. 

In this dream, once the dynamic is released, in other words, once you come out of the stillness, the veering to the left and right is man’s way of trying to make something more out of the energetic projection. This is done with the intent of coming to know and vicariously experience the underlying unknowable pent up essence. 

When the veering to the left and the right is stilled, the identification of breath, and the constant to and fro illusory projection, is absolvable. The projection image just coming straight out of the stillness, when likewise absorbed into the essence, re-images, for language purposes, to being like an in-depth immersion to the non-essence of stillness.

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