A Shift to Stillness

Everything evolves. So, is it possible that the goal of human life and purpose also evolves? Could a cave man have been able to do the same for God and Creation that 21st Century man could potentially do? In this we may see that what was required from us 1000 years ago is different now, and we need to discover what that is and adapt to it. As anything evolves it becomes capable of more, and the universe is the beneficiary of that return. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m looking for a position I’m able to adopt that is sustainable no matter what happens. In other words, I have the sense that what exists is temporal; it has become temporal in its nature. Maybe it may have a long tradition to it, and a whole system to it, but I don’t see it as sustainable. I see things as braking down with this approach. 

So, in the dream, I see myself in a state of being that is able to withstand a main outer thrust – it’s like a projection – to withstand that outer thrust that is designed to tear away my beingness. In other words, what is my beingness, I guess?

What I noticed is that a motif must change, with the environmental condition, in order for life, or something, to stay relevant. So what is being projected is tearing away at a greater beingness, now. It may have been important up to a particular point, the idea of believing in this and following that, and looking for something so much more on the other side, and a hierarchy of things, that may have been important, but that actually tears away, weakens a person, in terms of their true beingness.

The flexibility to shift is a problem I notice in terms of inner conscious evolution; in other words, people like to have a way to go, as opposed to being left in a vacuum – a vacuum of total responsibility, that is. I notice that a transition is possible when there is an actionable stillness. This is what’s perceivable that one can catch up with now. They can recognize a stillness, but one that’s actionable. That’s why you have ceremonies and all kinds of stuff, you put an action into it for symbolic purposes. 

What I notice is that an initial motif is able to contend with the general outer conditions in life, initial motif meaning the ceremonies, the ideas of a hierarchy and afterlife, all of that. That’s the initial motif, that’s not necessarily where you’re going. It portrays something, but doesn’t open you up to it completely. 

However, the same approach is not there when needed for contending with the shift to stillness that is reached, that are as reachable. In other words, you come to know that there’s a distinction, yet, of something more. I notice that an actionable letting go stillness resolves the dilemma; resolves dilemmas in the outer. But the question of where this is going after the actionable component falls away remains a question. 

So what I keep pointing out is that there is something more. The thing that I’m reacting to is all of the aspects that are hung on this idea of consciousness, the dhikrs, all the stuff that’s hung on them. And it really gets all the way down to the fact that the breath is even hung on this whole process. 

The meaning is, I went into meditation with a question bothering me in terms of the tradition on the spiritual path. I’ve noticed that the tradition loses relevancy after the unfoldment process is progressed. In other words, it’s relevant all the way up to the shifting and all of that sort of stuff. But when you get into the actionable, you can get lost in the actionable, then it stops; it modifies itself. It’s not relevant because human beings are not meant to figure out how to tackle things in an actionable way, in an actionable kind of trying to be still way at the same time. They kind of contradict each other. 

And of course, you will know that if you watch the heart, but people don’t watch the heart and they have all kinds of rationalizations that something’s being trained there, or it’s just hard and it’s meant to be that way. That’s just a bunch of malarkey in terms of not recognizing that there’s only a oneness, and that if the heart is haywire, then it’s outside of the oneness.

So in this area there is a mixed bag way of responding to what has evolved. I notice that in this mixed approach is where we are at now. So, basically, we’re on the cusp for the next stage of consciousness where another step in the process is needed. What I’m seeing for cope-ability purposes is an actionable of stillness. That’s what I’m seeing currently exists for cope-ability purposes. In other words, that’s not the next step. The actionable is what the idea of doingness is what keeps things in the way of something more. 

The actionable stillness is seemingly responsive when under a given scenario, but this too will be obsolete when the actionable is no longer called for. Whenever you sense something, you know that whatever it is that you sense is like the actionable one, you recognize that, you realize that it’s in the place of something more. 

I’m feeling that this is the situation in terms of consciousness now. The modality that has been effective for thousands of years, a modality in which there is an inner hierarchy way to access to see us through the outer unfoldment phase, must shift. In order for our beingness to be relevant to a quickened and more inclusive involvement of consciousness or oneness as an all-pervasive stillness is the essence for all there is, we must embrace this principle on an inner consciousness level. In other words, bring it through instead of trying to work towards it by changing things, actionably, in the world, or something.

For there to be elders, or a spiritual hierarchy, at this stage gets in the way of the oneness of beingness. Under a oneness there is no God but God. The hierarchical order is a bifurcation of this greater principle and holds the unfoldment process back. The reason is to embrace a hierarchical beingness is to believe in an actionable stillness, with the actionable aspect invoked by way of a hierarchical vibration from within.

In a oneness all vibrations are in the heart and there is no emissarial unfoldment. What I am describing is a responsibility and a deeper stillness that we are needing to reach and cannot do so when we remain in an actionable hierarchical paradigm.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Shift to Stillness

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