Limitations Exist

When anything begins, it is in its purest state, whether it is a seed, a germ, or an egg. In the unfoldment of life in the physical, the purity of the originating genetic meets with the unpredictability of the outer world and its forces. This causes responses that, over time, build upon the original, adding layers to it. We can view our psychologies in this way, as strategies for handling the unexpected in life. Many of our psychologies can prevent us from being our purest self, until we make ourselves conscious of their effects. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I put it all into kind of a masculine way of looking at it. So then, when I came to bed,  in the dream I see an unfoldment that remains consistent under the outer scenario. In other words, something isn’t changing, it’s just staying, and staying, and staying the same. As a result, this results in layers that keep piling on top of layers. 

And so I take this image in as if it’s a type of food on a plate, except it’s been heaped on the plate where it comes to a point where it is necessary to cut into these layers of food. In other words, you just can’t sit there in shock, you have to cut into it. And so I see this as important for digestive and edibility purposes. 

The process involves starting with the outer part. It’s almost as if it’s, it isn’t this, but it’s like an egg. And in the egg you have the yolk and it’s like you can cut around the yolk; you don’t ever take the yolk out, but you can cut around the yolk. You can remove this excess. 

To continue as if it is business as usual is to continue the tradition unwaveringly – when a change is warranted at this time. So, in other words, you have to start breaking down what actually truly is there, as opposed to just the patterns and the mannerisms; it’s got to be more literal. 

In the meditation dream – the meaning is – the hierarchical paradigm was exposed as in the way of a oneness. In this dream the essence itself doesn’t change, but around the edges there is an impending burden. 

And then the last thing I have is, I have an image where a health inspector has reviewed the food storage a woman has that she maintains for some greater purpose of life, or something. And I’m standing there hearing him making a report that there’s a problem. 

And so it’s almost like, both as a relief and as a shock, I say, “You have weevils.” But I’m almost humorous about that because I certainly don’t care. But suddenly I glance more deeply at my situation and say, “I can’t laugh. I have been blanking it out. I have a bug in my sugar.” 

The health inspector’s head jerks back in shock. I can’t be off to one side pretending otherwise anymore. 

The meaning is, the meditation and prior dream are about a shift, change, and step in the unfoldment process. This dream is denoting that there is a limitation that exists within what had presumed to be a well-established and pure process.

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