An Exception Has Occurred

It can be very difficult to make a shift in ourselves, or to find a new way to proceed when we are in a familiar, or recognizable, situation. Yet, there also can come a time when we can surprise ourselves and choose differently in the moment – opening up new possibilities, forever, whenever we reach those particular crossroads. It is a certain combination of inner desire and letting go that enables the energetic shift to be made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I did in terms of my dream is I incorporated a bit of the situation that’s at hand. The whole thing has to do with letting go in order to recognize something anew. In other words, to let go of the constraints, the conceptions, the projections, the perceptions that hold something on in order to be able to recognize something anew. 

And so I did it a little differently in the meditation dream. A sequence of events occur in which the end result strikes me as being a surprise. The reason this happens, meaning a surprise, is because the usual resistance wasn’t accentuating the usual presence; in other words, the usual way that you take and relate to things. 

As a result, an unfoldment that ordinarily isn’t possible is able to come to pass, or to be viable, or come into fruition, and that’s able to be so because I’m not trying to hold on to something for some reason, which one usually does, as a kind of collective consciousness of themselves. This wouldn’t have happened if certain events that are kept in check, ordinarily, hadn’t been ignored, or let go of, or just allowed to run their course. 

What has happened is ordinarily kept in check by collective outer forces. In this case, an exception has occurred; to change that would be a problem at this time, now that the unfoldment has gotten to this point. 

As I am noticing this inside of myself I walk into a room, and, lo and behold, to my surprise, Dee’s dad is sitting there. He’s dressed up and wide awake; this doesn’t happen this early in the morning. But, to my surprise, I’m witnessing a new paradigm shift. 

So, what has happened is, what I am seeing as an unfoldment is an awakening in life designed as a shift away from the collective conditioning. This occurred because a freedom outside of the usual collective consciousness of control has let go so that this can happen. A lot can be learned, appreciated, and realized from a shift, which brightens things up in this new way, or new paradigm way. 

And the meaning is that I am at the threshold of a shift that is most enlightening. This is all portrayed in the outer; this is the scenario. It’s actually a fairly profound thing. And so, of course, to shake it out, I go back to, again, kind of like the breath. 

So, in my dream, I’m looking at being able to let go of having to carry myself in a vibratory identification way. To do so gets in the way of an inner connection in which there is no definition. To portray this in a loud way a person who I take to be a bit like a politician comes up and gives me a huge, almost suffocating, hug as a greeting. 

Ordinarily, if I see him a particular way, the hug doesn’t mean anything and we keep a certain kind of distance. But, all of a sudden, for some reason, something is more genuine. And so all differences are let go of between us, and thus the hug can be like that as a type of almost squeeze-the-life-out-of-you merging. 

If I insist within myself to see him as a politician, there wouldn’t be this genuineness of the hug. I wake up as I’m saying to him, “The one thing I really like about you…”

What I was about to say to him, before I woke up, had to do with his way of being able to greet and meet and merge with me without the politician in the way. I was going to refer to the intangible inner quality that he has that sets or let’s go of mannerisms and nuances in between. 

And so then as kind of an understanding that evolves out of this: to truly do that results in a coming together that literally takes the breath away – because that’s what the squeeze was like. 

And I saw this in a number of ways. I even saw this as a type of branding, where there’d be excruciating pain in relationship to something that wasn’t there. And by that I mean that there isn’t a mannerism, or aspect, on the breath that projects separation. 

Or, another way of saying it, when the vibration called, let’s say, the Gabriel energy to be merged with, in terms of its essence that was in Mohammed, the breath of familiarity to the mind senses was snuffed out. The result was a oneness to be read. Of course, it wasn’t understood to begin with. So that was the greater meaning and significance of that event that happened to Mohammed at 40 years old. That was a huge, huge step.

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