Frozen River

If we think about how the storyline of a dream flows, finding ourselves traveling on a frozen river might immediately catch our attention. When something is frozen, it is in a state of arrest. But just like we might immobilize a sprained wrist, when aspects of our inner life are frozen we lose the use of them, and are the lesser for it. On our journey we want to thaw out these frozen aspects, and, when we do, the thaw can be messy and require careful treading. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had a dream really early in the evening. And, in that dream, I feel like I’m a man, I’m with two other people, including a feminine version of me. It’s like we’re trying to get away, or leave an area, and we’ve gone out onto a frozen river. And it feels like the way out is to continue like up the river on the ice. 

But, suddenly, the ice in front of him turns mushy and he almost falls into the river. So I go over to this male version of me, so the female version of me goes over and pulls him back so he doesn’t fall into the river. 

And because the ice had suddenly turned mushy, and we can no longer leave by going up the river, it feels like we just cross the river and go up on the hillside and go into town to find a way out. And that was all I remembered of that dream.

John: Well, what’s going on in the evening is there is a need to bring back from an inner into an outer a certain quality or condition that’s needed for functionality purposes – because a shift is needed to take place in order for there to be a general overall well being.

In your dream you just portray this, you don’t add other aspects to it, but you just portray it as a situation in which the masculine and the feminine part of yourself are not in cohesion, in order to take and function in the outer, because the conditions are frozen, among other things. Or, when they’re thawed they become impassable, too haywire, again. 

And yet there has to be a way, and is a way, but you have to cycle out of the area in which there’s the conditions of frozen-ness and thawing that’s going on. And you have to pull yourself around to a general overallness that is okay, in terms of the scenario and how the scenario needs to be present.

The scenario for the dream like this is the situation with your dad, in which there’s some part that is frozen, and there’s some part that is getting overly thawed, or overly whatever. And how is that capable of being, and flowing, that’s copacetic with what is needed at this period of time?

And, of course, my dream went on and pointed out that they are a microcosm to a larger macrocosm of what’s going on in that regard. 

Jeane: I don’t remember the details of many of my other dreams except that there is a sensation in one, again, trying to get away from something – and get help in that process. But feeling like too much is raining down, or being thrown at me, and how to deal with that. I just didn’t pull out enough of the detail.

John: Well, the key requires a certain kind of focus to be able to realize and recognize what’s going on in relationship to something that is astir, on a psychic level, from within. And when we talk about a psychic level, we’re talking about a level that goes back, and probably further back than this lifetime, but also has its reflective qualities and conditions in the outer as things are in the present – if you can see them. 

And, in terms of understanding the situation and what’s really kind of going on as a psychic dynamic, that’s what my meditation dream seemed to drill into. And then I came to realize and look at that in relationship to how this comported to the whole at this point in time.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Frozen River

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