Red Ruby

In our naturalness, we are all hidden gems – just needing some polishing to truly shine. In our life, we are designed to do that polishing to a high luster. But, mostly, our experiences cause psychologies and defense mechanisms that further dull and hide our shine and beauty. Being conscious of when these psychologies arise allows us to name them and then let them go. This is not accomplished in one go, but by gentle and consistent reminders – until only the gem is left. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I remember two things from dreaming last night. In one dream, I think my dad is standing somewhere behind me, and you’re there. 

And, for some reason, I’ve decided that I want a ring. I already have the gold band, and I know that you have some uncut stones, uncut gems. And so I’ve had you go get your gems and there’s this kind of a long, jagged, red ruby, and I’ve picked that out because I know it can be polished up and it’ll make a really pretty stone to set into the ring. 

You’re surprised that I even want this, but you seem to be going along with it. That was the first dream.

John: So what the dream is doing is the dream is creating a scenario in which there is embedded a vibration; some aspect on the breath that may be dormant, or hidden, or out of any present equation – that is still sitting there harboring something.

Whenever there is an aspect on the breath that is still harboring something it gets in the way of the heart’s overallness – because the heart has a natural overallness that encompasses all things. And that harboring, that when it surfaces throws you back into kind of a type of remembering of something traumatic. 

Because when something is kind of carried in one’s nature in a secondary channel in the background, it’s kind of a shadow dynamic or something. And when it doesn’t go away, it just looks for the situation, or the circumstances, or an inflection upon which it can come back out to occupy one’s psyche

When something like that happens, meaning when something like that is carried kind of on a secondary channel, as a shadow dynamic, it has a latency that is not necessarily readily obvious to one’s sight, or a way of being in the free-flow of the overall outer, yet it is still part of one’s, for lack of a better word, embedded nature or psyche. 

And when it’s like that, it falls into the world of the archetypes. And so things shape and change and alter around you to where this sort of thing ultimately comes out because it’s still kept on some level of being harbored on the breath, and, when it comes out, it comes out with a lot of energy. That’s an archetypal of force. 

And you are affected by archetypal of forces when you haven’t completely gone into a true empty space, when you are repressing something, or holding some quality of a kind of pain that hasn’t been let go of, or forgiven. Because the heart only knows one thing, and, what it knows is that it is intertwined and connected and is an all-pervasive essence. And that there are these bifurcations. 

And memories of these bifurcations have various degrees about them to which they carry a loudness. There are those that you’re doing and going through directly, in the outer, that come up on a day to day basis. And then there are those that are pent up, or harbored, kind of in a shadow dynamic, and they come out when the situation of the outer shifts in a particular way to where that vibration is more readily accommodated from its usual hidden capacity. 

So you’re looking at this, again, it’s still within the schematic of the dreaming and the recognition that how we are, in terms of functionality in an outer capacity, is, to a large degree, influenced robotically, or archetypally, or however you want to say it, by conditions that are harbored upon the in-breath or the out-breath. And that only when there’s a true letting go, or true self-forgiveness, and an adoption of the heart’s overall intertwined essence, only when you are able to be that, are you able to be, so to speak, real.

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